Beijing – VIDEO – man for the second son banquet self-study tinfoil unlock burglary zhongguorentiyishu

Beijing – VIDEO – man for the second son banquet "self-study tinfoil unlock theft men to second son banquet self-study" tinfoil unlock theft [comment] for a car, for his son to do the full moon wine, Man online self-study tinfoil unlock burglary ring, 60 thousand yuan was arrested. In October 26, 2016, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau Haidian Ganjiakou police received a victim Wang alarm, said after work home and found the suspected stolen 3000 yuan in cash and a $59 thousand diamond ring take wings to itself. Because of a large amount of money involved, the police set up a task force, rushed to the district to carry out the work of crime. The next day at noon, police received a victim alarm, said the stolen 5500 yuan. The scene by the police found that two cases were the suspect by the technical unlocking means to enter the home, then handle the case. Through the transfer of the scene and the surrounding surveillance, investigators found that the suspect had the train left Beijing in November 2nd, returned to Beijing, and a Fasthotel in Fengtai District. After 8 hours of squatting, investigators arrested suspects diao. The scene seized a set of tools for unlocking technology, as well as 65 thousand yuan money. Three days later arrested another suspect lee. [paralanguage] Beijing City Public Security Bureau of Haidian police station, Qiao Yu is the professional technical unlocking tool and foil, he bought a set of tools, after they learn a set of technology, Beijing wanted to test with this technique, try the hand. [comment] after the examination, the suspect Diao after graduating from the University of entrepreneurship, a good income, but subsequent investment projects lose money, I want to buy a car, but also want to give birth to two son banquet, so decided to rush into danger. [paralanguage] Beijing City Public Security Bureau of Haidian police station Qiao Yu, on his day, his child was due, child is a son, for the son to do a banquet for the whole village, see the whole family, he wanted to buy a car, so he has missed a lot of hands money. [comment] in the process of committing the crime, a selection of some old residential Diao door is simple, weak security property, theft by tinfoil unlock way. In order to facilitate the crime, to convince the huge debts of fellow Lee partnership burglary, succeeded after Lee to one thousand yuan. According to the investigators confessed to two people, nuclear powu burglary crime. Currently, two people have been detained by the Haidian branch of criminal detention, the case is still under further investigation. Reporter Zhang Nan Beijing reports相关的主题文章: