Beijing Xiamen hundred years old disabled new road in public

Xiamen hundred years old "disabled" new public road – News Network in August 30 new Xiamen Xinhua: Xiamen hundred years old "disabled" new road public News Agency reporter Chen Yue Sheng Chang watch line is Xiamen’s 88 year old time-honored, from private to public private partnerships, from the state to reform accompanied by several generations of people in Xiamen. Is the third generation of "watchmaker" Sheng Chang watch line general manager Zhang Xiangjie seven disciples 30 "apprenticeship". Seven this is the new apprentice to the disabled, they are a time-honored watch for cooperation and the Xiamen Municipal Federation held the first phase of training students, 29 has just passed the strict examination by Zhang Xiangjie, won the Shengchang qualification. Over five years later, Jiang Caiyun still can not believe that he has learned so fine craft". Lost a leg, on crutches to walk Jiang Caiyun, previously at home, cook the meals for odd jobs for his wife. See the news of this training course, she found Zhang Xiangjie, hoping to learn a craft. Zhang Xiangjie relaxed for her age conditions, Jiang Caiyun not only become the first phase of the students, but also monitor. However, because only the primary culture, Jiang Caiyun began to learn very difficult. In order to make them easier to understand, Zhang Xiangjie took the watch structure compared to all things in life, to explain in simple terms. Jiang Caiyun is now able to guide the reporter pointing to a number of parts to explain their functions. Zhang Xiangjie said that although the training course, including him, there are 10 teachers, he is still not assured, as long as he is not a business trip, he is in the training class lectures. Li Xin age seven disciples in the smallest is introduced in the middle of Chaban in caring people. His grades are excellent. Reporters on the scene saw the watch in fine silk if oil silk, the positioning is difficult, difficult to shift, Li Xin was able to skillfully use tweezers to repair. According to her introduction, Li Xin because of leg disability, home stays for nearly 10 years. Came to the training class to master the repair table technology, introverted Li Xin more cheerful, but also the initiative to communicate with others. Today, many relatives and friends are looking for Li Xinxiu table. Would like to do something for the disabled, starting 11 years ago, Zhang Xiangjie experience. At that time, one over seventy years old disabled to find Zhang Xiangjie, ask him to repair a broken watch. The old man did not what money, this antique table repair is not easy, but the old man told Zhang Xiangjie that this is his token of love. Zhang Xiangjie helped the old man repaired the table, from the public interest to do it". Previously, he was also named the Xiamen City, the first ten disabled man". Father of ancestral time-honored spirit, Zhang Xiangjie’s power is also committed to public welfare. Zhang Xiangjie’s grandfather and father are both good at the table, his father is more than and 70 years old, still continue to repair the table on Gulangyu Islet. "They help people integrity is the spirit behind the old name," said Zhang Xiangjie. He said that after the end of the first phase of the class, he is going to do next year second period, because of the need to continue to spend time with a disabled students, "students want to shop, I want to help them search for technical guidance, to help more people". )相关的主题文章: