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Beijing Yuetan Street community wide hosting summer cultural square activities — Society — Beijing in August 25, Beijing Xicheng District City, a community wide street on the altar 24, held the fourth session of the "community heart" summer party, community art groups and the area of each unit for residents to offer a wonderful theatrical performances. Xicheng District Culture Committee Secretary Zhang Yunshang, chief of commission of culture of Xicheng District, Wei Linxiang, Yuetan Street Office Committee Secretary Wang Qi, director of the office of Meng Hongwei, deputy director of Jia Xinrong, a community Secretary Zhao Jiancheng and the administration and directly affiliated institutions leaders attended the evening party. Before the show Meng Hongwei spoke first, she said, the altar on the streets every year held 10 summer Gala in 26 communities. Professional team culture and community culture team together to learn to communicate, they carefully prepared to allow the residents to enjoy friends of culture and art feast in the home can. Meng Hongwei, director of SARFT also made efforts in the construction of a harmonious community, as well as the support of the street culture endowment, community care and other aspects of support expressed gratitude. Subsequently, theatrical performances started, first stage is the altar on the streets of gold rhyme style square dance troupe brings "fly", with the passion of music, the actors dancing on the stage, it doesn’t look at the average age of the dance team is 55 years old. Male and female voice ensemble in the service bureau Jiang Weili, Zhang Rui show 2, a community wide dance team for audiences of the dance "Yimeng love". Won the sixth CCTV comic contest professional group of national top ten comic actor Hou Zhenpeng, Chen Yinquan for the audience in the comic "subway", many hear the audience applauded. Subsequently, the central station, the wireless board, the regulatory center and other units of the area is also dedicated to the audience wonderful program. It is understood that this is the altar on the streets in 2016 seventh summer evening, the streets will be held every summer summer evening activities in various communities, community groups and various cultural units in the community cultural team onstage, enrich the cultural life of the residents. (Xu Zheng) (MA may commissioning editor (Intern), Zhang Yu)相关的主题文章: