Big push the 2 generation of Osmo handheld camera new this time to play zoom

Xinjiang push the 2 generation of Osmo handheld camera new this time to play zoom Tencent digital news (Su Yang) nearly 10 months later, Xinjiang decided to update the Osmo product line. Beijing time on August 25th, Xinjiang officially released the second generation handheld PTZ camera Osmo+, compared to the first generation of products, added the new optical zoom function, the price of 3999 yuan. It is understood that the Osmo+ equipped with a Zen X3 zoom camera, and supports optical and digital zoom in two ways, by 3.5 optical zoom, 2 times digital zoom (lossless lossless digital zoom only supports 1080p resolution) to achieve 7 times the focal length, 22 mm to 77 mm focal length without sacrificing HD the case definition. The main function, Osmo+ supports mobile time-lapse photography, and have stable performance is outstanding, can shoot 4K 30fps Ultra HD video, 1080p 100fps slow motion video, support Adobe DNG RAW 12 million pixel photo shoot. According to official information, Osmo+ price of 3999 yuan, consistent with the price of the first generation of products, and from the official website of the situation, the first generation of products has been reduced to $3499. In addition, Xinjiang is also prepared for the user OSMO Shield extended warranty plan, the warranty period, in accordance with the warranty conditions, users can enjoy unlimited warranty service, will also enjoy 1 accident repair service, damage due to accidents, water and other reasons can also get free maintenance service.相关的主题文章: