Brad Womack And Emily Maynard Searching For

Arts-and-Entertainment The Bachelor, Brad Womack and his fiance, Emily Maynard are hunting for a house, as they have planned to move to live together. Brad Womack, the 38-year-old Austin owner of four bars has cleared all the rumors whirling around about their break-up. He said that, they have not called off their relationship or break-up; they have been calm, as they are very busy with their work. Brad Womack and Emily Maynard Hunting House He also made cleared that, he is searching for a house, as he and Emily have planned to move in to stay together along with Ricki, a 5-year-old daughter of Emily. There were rumors flying around that, Emily was not willing to shift to Austin and there were differences raised between they couple, which headed to their split. Brad Womack, on his twitter said that, he did not know and have no idea about the rumors .ing from about their split. He added that, the lovely couple is doing well and great and happy together. He is also in search of a house to start the family as soon as possible. He sounded like; he likes Charlotte, the place of Emily in North Carolina. He said that, he could not shift to Charlotte, as he got four successful bars in Austin along with his twin brother, Chad, and it would be very hard to manage from Charlotte. However, he was telling continuously from the beginning of The Bachelor till its end that, he would like to marry a girl, who would shift to Austin along with him to start the family. Emily Maynard also visited Austin couple of times and liked the place, but one thing worrying her is that, she had to take away her daughter from her friends and her grand parents who were very much attached to her. Emily is planning to visit Austin along with her daughter during summer to try with Brad Womack. According to the sources, Emily felt to give a try and put her heart by shifting to Austin to stay with Brad Womack. Brad said that, he is not broken and will .pletely take care of Emily and her daughter and he can definitely afford to buy a house for them to start the family. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: