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Brain hole open: which free career more money? Money is a way of life, daily effort, I thought as a financial practitioner, record the daily thoughts, lead them to financial freedom! An article in "before I touch the Internet free occupation", I mentioned, there have been a lot of people through the Uber driver to make money in the US, not to limit. But in fact, Uber is also vigorously develop and promote unmanned technology, so in the long run, Uber drivers are very easy to be replaced. So, today, we’re going to talk about which freelancers are more profitable in the long run and hard to replace. Of course, these are just my brain hole wide open mind, may not become a reality, I just start, bring more thinking. 1, financial planner division is the most recent free from money. First, the financial planner to take care of their property, so that their assets continue to increase. At the same time, the financial planner can also help customers to earn money through financial services or commissions, the income is very impressive. In addition, a senior financial planner career choice is very wide, not only to professional investment, investors can also become the occupation; to develop financial training direction, a training instructor; but also to high-end private wealth management development, specifically for the rich service. Although the topic of financial management is becoming more and more popular, but in fact, the robot has its own limitations of financial management. Computers, for example, are unable to get a clear picture of your real family finances, especially for those who have no accounting habits. Only through the financial planner with you one to one communication, in order to better help you sort out the financial situation. In addition, financial management is not just a lot of numbers, it is a reasonable use of wealth habits. Therefore, in the process of financial management, financial planners often serve as the role of the coach, and constantly give the right guidance to help you build confidence in wealth. Therefore, I personally believe that the future development of financial management model will be combined with the financial management of the robot, the robot as a tool to help finance division more efficient service to customers. 2, nurse practitioner is a very broad concept, I emphasize here is for pregnant women and the elderly special care. For maternal care, known as yuesao". With the release of two-child policy, going to the second child of the family will be more and more demand for Yuesao will more and more big. On the other hand, China is gradually entering the aging society, the elderly care is also a market potential. Take my own point of view, I am now active in the pension fund, is the hope that when the action is not convenient, can enter the high-end pension community, enjoy the best care. I think there should be a lot of elderly people have this demand now. Moreover, whether maternal care or care for the elderly, in addition to some basic life care, there are more emotional exchanges between people. From)相关的主题文章: