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Business The virtual explosion in the popularity of smart phones has significantly changed the way many people use the internet. The accessibility of cloud technology has allowed people to utilize their cell phones in much the same way the use their desk top .puters. With so many users performing mobile searches, local SEO has be.e more important than ever. Unlike organic SEO, which utilizes links to promote a given site; mobile SEO is more focused on citations. Which local directories have your .pany cited? If the answer is none, you may be missing out on new business. Google is reporting that about 20 percent of all searches on desktop .puters are for local businesses. That number jumps to 40 percent when looking at mobile searches. This means that nearly half of all smart phone queries are searching for products or services listed in local directories. The first step towards creating an online local presence for your business is claiming your listing on Google Places. Optimize your listing; select the category that best fits your .pany and youre on your way. Your next step should be to establish a list of other relevant local directories. The number of general directories is seemingly endless, but its important to have a presence on the main ones. Yelp, Super pages and City Search are a few of the bigger ones; restaurants should make sure theyre listed on sites like Open Table and Urban Spoon. One tool that search engines use to determine your businesss relevance to a users search is your online local Business Listing Service . If search engines are delivering local search results and using your businesss online local listing as part of determining relevance, then it is in your best interest to optimize your local business listing through this local business listing service. Fully .pleting and optimizing a local business listing with each of the major search engines will bring incredible benefit to your business. Make sure to utilize every section and field given to you, when setting up the local business listing. .plete local business listings will outrank in.plete or partial listings. There area many free business listing service websites through which you can update your business details. The advantage with this Free Business Listing websites is that you can reach out to the world and promote your business. To start your local business listing optimization, do your keyword research to understand what terms people are using to find local .petitors. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: