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Games Do you want Cafe World secret tricks to help you build the ultimate cafe and to dominate Cafe World? Well if you want to be the envy of your friends with secret Cafe World tricks, you must keep in mind two things: -What food items to cook -When to cook the food Secret Trick To Knowing What Foods To Cook To Maximize Your Earnings The foods that you cook in Cafe World will ultimately be what will determine if you will own a successful cafe or not. To get the most out of your food in terms of cafe points and coins, you need to know which food will give you the most return on investment. For example the spitfire roasted chicken takes an entire day to cook, serves 800 people and will cost you 600 Cafe coins and earns your 3200 in sales. So our return on investment for the spitfire chicken will be (3200-600)/600 = 4.33 or 4.33%. Secret Trick To Know When To Cook Your Food For Maximum Gain Knowing when to cook your food is as equally important as knowing what food items to cook. The spoiling of food is the biggest setback you can get in Cafe World, so be sure to cook around a cooking schedule to avoid spoiling your food. If you use the internet often, your best option is to cook foods that require a short time to .plete. This way you can repeatedly cook those foods to gain lots of cafe coins and cafe points. However, if you do not go online often, you should cook foods that require a longer time to .plete. Just make sure to .e back every so often check up on the food. But how do you know exactly what food items to cook and when to cook the food for maximum cafe coins and cafe points? Know Exactly What Food To Cook And When To Cook The Food With The Cafe World Domination Guide If you want to know exactly what food items to cook and when to cook the food items so that you can build the ultimate cafe, I highly re.mend using the Cafe World Domination Guide. The Cafe World Domination Guide is made up of real secrets that only the pros use to build the ultimate cafe. This information is packed into a step-by-step guide with detailed screenshots, so all that is left to dominate Cafe World would be to follow their clear instructions. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: