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Automobiles Car theft is big business throughout the world. A car is stolen every 25 seconds in the United States, costing Car owners and the insurance industry over $8 billion dollars a year. Your car is possibly one of your most beloved, possessions. When your car is stolen, your life is turned upside down. Aside from losing your most valuable possession, you may also incur the following expenses: * Increased insurance premiums * Replacing valuables left in your car * Missed work * Time spent filing police reports, purchasing a new vehicle etc., Car security and surveillance systems .e in many forms. While most people think of car security as a simple alarm system that is really loud, more often than not, they dont have the same impact on security as they once did. The most basic car alarm systems start at around $40 or $50 and .e with a shock sensor or two, an alarm controller module, a remote control, siren, and wiring harness. More expensive alarms are starter alarms. These car alarms allows 2-way .munication between your car a handheld monitoring device, letting you know if you car has been started and allowing you to disable it at the click of a button. Car surveillance using an internal car camera recorder and GPS vehicle tracking systems provide the ultimate in car security. Car alarms and Sensors, motion detectors, and pressure sensors are wired into your cars electrical system and monitor such things as vibrations, doors or windows being opened while locked, and any tampering with the ignition system. Higher end systems .e with microphone sensors which detect breaking windows and other sounds. A Car tracking system can also be secretly installed into cars in some hidden, remote location. After a Car theft takes place, police can activate the radio transmitter on the device and it will begin broadcasting a signal, showing its location. This allows for .plete recovery of the vehicle, hopefully before any damage has been done to it. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: