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HTC one M10 rendering multi chin missing first exposure 麦嘉电影全集国语

HTC One M10 renderings first exposure disappeared this year many chin HTC plan to launch new flagship HTC  One  M10, code named Perfume (perfume), it is reported that the product will be unveiled in March this year, with the release date approaching, about HTC  One  M10 also emerge in an endless stream of messages. Now micro-blog users @ buns two allegedly exposed for HTC  One  M10 rendering, the picture shows the front of the machine, the back side, and desktop operating system. HTC  One  M10 rendering (picture from Sina micro-blog) from the picture, HTC One M10 front equipped with elliptical Home key, Home key integration of fingerprint identification function, while the positive HTC LOGO and the speaker disappeared, many chin finally disappeared. The back of the machine adopts three stage design, metal fuselage. You can see three virtual buttons from the system desktop, but with the Home button on the front, the virtual button seems to be redundant. HTC  One  M10 renderings (picture taken from Sina micro-blog) according to previously exposed news, HTC One in the configuration on the M10 will use 5.1 inches 2K screen, using the AMOLED panel, will be equipped with Xiaolong 820 processor, Adreno 530 graphics chip, 4GB RAM+ 32GB ROM storage combination, will use the new 12 million pixel UltraPixe camera, and supports the laser assisted focus and optical anti shake function with Android 6.0.1 system. HTC One M10渲染图首曝 多下巴不见了   HTC今年打算推出新旗舰HTC One M10,其代号为Perfume(香水),据悉该产品将在今年三月份 亮相,随着发布日期的临近,有关于HTC One M10的消息也是层出不穷。现在微博网友@包子玩机曝出了两张据称是HTC One M10的渲染图, 图片上展示了该机的正面、背面、侧面以及操作系统桌面。 HTC One M10渲染图(图片引自新浪微博)   从图片上看,HTC One M10正面配备了椭圆形Home键,Home键整合了指纹识别功能,同时正面HTC LOGO和扬声器不见了,多下巴也终于消失了。该机背面采用三段式设计,金属机身。从系统桌面上可以看到三个虚拟按键,但正面配有Home键,虚拟按键看似有些多余。 HTC One M10渲染图(图片引自新浪微博)   根据此前曝出的消息来看,在配置上HTC One M10将采用5.1英寸的2K显示屏,采用的是AMOLED面板,将会搭载骁龙820处理器,Adreno 530图形芯片,4GB RAM+32GB ROM的存储组合,将采用全新的1200万像素UltraPixe镜头,并支持激光辅助聚焦和光学防抖功能;预装Android 6.0.1系统。相关的主题文章:

Wedding photos directly affect the preparation before shooting – Sohu 洛阳大学

The preparation of the wedding photo directly affects the effect of shooting – Sohu, we always put some of the shooting effect is attributed to the wedding dress shop, we always think, we pay after, you can not worry about. In fact, this is not the case, a lot of details, or need to prepare for themselves. If you do not attach importance to the wedding photo preparation, you will find yourself unable to keep up with the rhythm, there is a rush feeling, directly affect the shooting effect. (this work is provided by the photo studio in August). Before the wedding photo is taken, first of all, you should have your own opinion. About what makeup, must have their own ideas. Because of the promotion, there may be some bridal shops have free makeup, but also have some more delicate makeup. If you want to save money, choose the free makeup, but regret the delicate makeup, will waste a lot of make-up time. Secondly, choose what style of clothes, must be clear in mind. It’s ridiculous to waste most of your time choosing clothes. The best, must be good skin care. Good makeup, your skin is too dry will be intense darkness without light. (this work is provided by the photo studio in August), which looks like a simple wedding photo, but it is very important in the wedding photography. Doing anything, not getting ready in advance, will definitely affect the process and effect. We want a perfect wedding picture, so don’t relax the preparation before shooting. Let the new people be prepared for the beautiful day, show the most beautiful you.

婚纱照拍前准备直接影响拍摄效果-搜狐   我们总是把一些拍摄效果的好坏归结于婚纱店,我们总认为,我们交钱之后,就可以不操心了。其实不是这样的,很多细节问题,还是需要自己去准备的。如果不重视婚纱照拍前准备,你会发现自己跟不上节奏,有一种仓促的感觉,直接影响拍摄效果。 (本作品由八月照相馆提供)   婚纱照拍前准备,首先你要有主见。关于化什么妆一定要有自己的主意。因为做促销,可能有些婚纱店有免费妆容,也有一些更加精致的妆容。如果你想省钱,选择了免费妆容,但是又后悔想要精致妆容,就会浪费很长的化妆时间。其次,挑选什么风格的衣服,一定要心里清楚。如果把大部分时间浪费在挑选衣服上,也是非常滑稽的事情。最好,一定要做好皮肤护理。再好的化妆师,你的皮肤过于干燥也会黯淡无光。 (本作品由八月照相馆提供)   看似简单的婚纱照拍前准备,其实在拍摄婚纱照的作用中非常大。做任何事情,不提前做好准备,肯定会影响进程和效果。我们想要一个完美的婚纱照,就不要放松拍摄前的准备工作。让新人们都做好准备,迎接拍摄当天的美好吧,展现最美丽的你。相关的主题文章:

Beijing traffic law enforcement check 6 car detained without qualification 延安大学附属中学

Beijing traffic law enforcement to check 6 cars without qualification car held yesterday, the Beijing traffic enforcement corps launched a big night on the illegal taxi and car. In 2 hours reporter to follow the law enforcement officers in the night, there were no 6 car operation qualification black car was detained, of which 5 car for the car drops, a car is excellent step. As of 11 pm, the actions were seized illegal operation black car 50, taxi and pay others to warn the driver driving since 1, 17 people, seized the black car 5 long. > > 6 cars in the field within 2 hours were detained 9 last night, Beijing Railway Station East Street, a Beijing Hyundai car was arrested by law enforcement officers, a total of 5 passengers in the car. It is understood that 5 people from Pinggu district to Beijing Railway Station, in the taxi taxi software on the appointment to the car, a total payment of 244.8 yuan. Beijing traffic law enforcement corps relevant person in charge, the car without motor vehicle operation qualification, law enforcement officers detained the car on the spot. "Spring Festival approaching, drop taxi, excellent step and other software utilization rate has greatly improved, through these software about a part of the vehicle is not operational qualification, there is a big security risk."." The person in charge said. Reporters followed Beijing traffic law enforcement corps came to Beijing West Railway Station, in the North Square reporter saw, a yellow taxi was stopped. According to the traffic police involved in the law enforcement, the driver does not have the qualification of taxi quasi driving, according to the law to detain the car. In 2 hours, law enforcement officers seized a total of 6 black car (of which 5 vehicles for car drops, a better step car) and an illegal taxi. In the night of action, Beijing Railway Station Beijing West Railway Station on subway station 60 multiple site inspections. From yesterday afternoon to the evening 11, the action of illegal operation black car 50 car, taxi general illegal 6, others pay to drive 1, 1 without permission showmanship, warning the driver 17, seized long black 5 cars, inter provincial passenger station showmanship outside 2. > > measures focus on taxi refusing the Spring Festival this year began in January 24th, to the end of March 3rd, for a period of 40 days. Since January 24th, Beijing law enforcement corps has launched special services to strengthen the maintenance of traffic order in key areas. Beijing Railway Station, Beijing West Railway Station during the Spring Festival, the capital airport will be implemented in 24 hours of full time supervision; at the Beijing South Railway Station train station according to the first and last time to implement full coverage supervision; in addition, the implementation of the first and last full time supervision of the rail transit station via Beijing Railway Station, Beijing West Railway Station, Beijing South Railway Station and other key station passenger flow peak full coverage of public transit hub; according to the actual situation of inter provincial passenger station, passenger station, timely extension of time supervision. During the Spring Festival period, will focus on the inter provincial passenger vehicles outside the station on and off, disrupting the station area order taxi rejection, bargaining, fees and other serious illegal illegal operations, and the "black car". Beijing traffic law enforcement corps and the law enforcement team also arranged for special duty to receive calls from the masses, do a good job of 12328 complaints center to accept the case audit, filing, if encountered vehicle violations, the public can dial 12328 complaints telephone Feng

北京交通执法大夜查6辆无资质专车被扣   昨天,北京市交通执法总队对违规出租车和黑车展开大夜查。在记者跟随执法人员夜查的2小时内,共有6辆无运营资质黑车被扣,其中5辆为滴滴专车,一辆为优步专车。截至昨晚11时,此次行动共查扣非法运营黑车50辆,查处出租车交他人驾驶1起,警告驾驶员17人,查扣黑长途车5辆。   >>现场   2小时内6辆专车被扣   昨晚9时许,北京站东街,一辆北京现代轿车被执法人员拦下检查,车内共有5名乘客。据了解,5人从平谷区至北京站,在滴滴打车软件上预约到这辆专车,共支付244.8元。北京市交通执法总队相关负责人介绍,该车无机动车运营资质,执法人员当场将该车扣留。   “春节临近,滴滴打车、优步等软件使用率大大提高,通过这些软件约到的车辆有一部分是没有运营资质的,存在很大安全隐患。”这名负责人说。   记者跟随北京市交通执法总队来到北京西客站,在北广场记者看到,一辆黄色出租车被拦下。据参与执法的交警介绍,该司机并没有出租车准驾资格,依法将车扣留。   在2个小时内,执法人员共查扣6辆黑车(其中5辆为滴滴专车,一辆为优步专车)和一辆违规出租车。   此次夜查行动共在北京站、北京西客站重点地铁站等60个多个站点进行巡查。从昨天下午至晚上11点,此次行动共查处非法运营黑车50辆,出租汽车一般性违规6起,交他人驾驶1起,私自揽客1起,警告驾驶员17人,查扣黑长途5辆,省际客运站外揽客2起。   >>措施   重点查处拒载出租车   今年春运于1月24日开始,至3月3日结束,为期40天。从1月24日起,北京市执法总队启动专项勤务,全面加强重点地区交通运输秩序维护。在春节期间北京站、北京西站、首都机场将实施24小时全时段监管;在北京南站根据列车进出站首末班时间段实施全覆盖监管;此外,对途经北京站、北京西站、北京南站的轨道交通车站实施首末班车全时段监管,其他重点车站客流高峰时段全覆盖;对省际客运站、公交枢纽场站根据客流实际情况,适时延长监管时间。春运后期,将重点查处省际客运车辆站外上下客,扰乱场站地区秩序的出租汽车拒载、议价、多收费等严重违法违规和“黑车”非法运营行为。   北京市交通执法总队及各执法大队还安排专人值班接待群众来访来电,做好12328投诉中心受理案件的审核、立案,如果遇到车辆违规情况,市民可拨打12328投诉电话进行投诉。   自1月24日春运工作开始以来,北京市交通执法总队共出动执法人员3200余人次、检查运输车辆4万余台次、查处各类违法违章行为近1000起。其中查处出租车违章170余起,黑车近600辆。   京华时报记者马金凤相关的主题文章:

More than 13 billion 800 million for 5 consecutive days and 766 computer industry hunters oversold s 郑州大学自考网

More than 13 billion 800 million for 5 consecutive days and 766 computer industry hunters oversold stocks touted Sina Level2:A shares of sina finance client speed Kanpan: the most profitable investors are using the editor’s note: yesterday two city Shenzhen Dikaigaozou stock index successfully recovered 2700 points, the gem index rose 4.14%, the impact of the 2100 point mark. As you can see, the Shanghai composite index began to stabilize gradually after hitting a new low of 2683.3 points on Wednesday. Analysts suggest short-term focus on smaller cap stocks in the early period. According to the "Securities Daily" Research Center statistics show, since January 27th 5 trading days, although the Shanghai and Shenzhen two city total net outflow of funds amounted to 27 billion 80 million yuan. However, there are still 1012 stocks showing a net inflow of funds. The concern is that there are only 766 (years of oversold stocks fell more than the broader market) during the period of net capital inflow of large single, the total amount of 138.3 billion yuan. Among them, computer, media and other three car plates for funds favor oversold stocks accounted for home. Today, the Japanese newspaper on the above three industry and its leading shares for analysis, for investors reference. – reporter Zhang Ying Wu Shan computer high-quality stocks valuation has to low according to the "Securities Daily" display Market Research Center statistics, the Shanghai index underperformed the market performance this year in the computer stocks, 63 stocks nearly 5 trading days showed a net inflow of large single trend, accounting for the proportion of the constituent stocks reached 41.72%. Specifically, the last 5 trading days accumulated large single net inflows over 10 million yuan of stocks are 48, digital video (337 million 302 thousand and 200 yuan), Tai Chi shares (119 million 850 thousand and 900 yuan), Hang Seng Electronics (118 million 967 thousand and 800 yuan) and interaction (116 million 854 thousand and 300 yuan), NavInfo (99 million 217 thousand and 100 yuan), trillion on Technology (94 million 680 thousand yuan), the new Cape (86 million 404 thousand and 900 yuan), UF network (80 million 527 thousand and 500 yuan), Sunyard (79 million 484 thousand and 400 yuan), China software (66 million 286 thousand and 300 yuan), dcits (65 million 144 thousand and 600 yuan), win win (61 million 292 thousand and 900 yuan), Nantian information (59 million 118 thousand and 900 yuan), long technology (58 million 273 thousand and 800 yuan), Westone (50 million 570 thousand and 100 yuan) 15 during the stocks of large single net inflow of funds over 50 million yuan. The 15 large single net inflow of funds among the top stocks in the market performance is relatively weak, which, trillion on technology, UFIDA networks during the cumulative decline of over 40%, respectively 47.06%, 40.24%, in addition, Westone (39.35%), (36.94%), contact interaction between long technology (36.72%), China software (36.59%), Tai Chi shares (35.6%), dcits (35.13%), Hundsun (32.98%), Sunyard (31.3%) and other stocks during the cumulative decline was over 30% in. In this regard, Bohai Securities said that after the sharp decline in January, the theory

逾138亿连续5日抄底766只超跌股 计算机等行业受热捧 新浪财经Level2:A股极速看盘 新浪财经客户端:最赚钱的投资者都在用   编者按:昨日沪深两市低开高走,上证指数成功收复2700点,创业板指飙升4.14%,冲击2100点大关。可以看到,上证指数在上周三触及2683.3点的新低后,便开始逐步企稳。分析人士建议,短期可重点关注前期跌幅较大的小盘股。据《证券日报》研究中心统计显示,在1月27日以来的5个交易日中,尽管沪深两市合计资金净流出达270.8亿元。但是,依然有1012只个股呈现资金净流入状态。值得关注的是,有766只超跌股(年内跌幅超过大盘)期间实现大单资金净流入,合计金额达138.3亿元。其中,计算机、传媒和汽车等三板块获资金青睐的超跌股占比居前。今日本报特对以上三行业及其龙头股进行分析,以供投资者参考。   ■本报记者 张 颖 吴 珊   计算机 优质个股估值已至低位   据《证券日报》市场研究中心统计显示,在今年以来市场表现跑输上证指数的计算机股中,有63只个股近5个交易日呈现大单资金净流入态势,占成份股比例达到41.72%。   具体来看,近5个交易日累计大单资金净流入超1000万元的个股有48只,数码视讯(33730.22万元)、太极股份(11985.09万元)、恒生电子(11896.78万元)、联络互动(11685.43万元)、四维图新(9921.71万元)、兆日科技(9468万元)、新开普(8640.49万元)、用友网络(8052.75万元)、信雅达(7948.44万元)、中国软件(6628.63万元)、神州信息(6514.46万元)、赢时胜(6129.29万元)、南天信息(5911.89万元)、长亮科技(5827.38万元)、卫士通(5057.01万元)等15只个股期间大单资金净流入超5000万元。   而上述15只大单资金净流入居前个股年内的市场表现却较为弱势,其中,兆日科技、用友网络期间累计跌幅已超40%,分别为47.06%、40.24%,此外,卫士通(39.35%)、联络互动(36.94%)、长亮科技(36.72%)、中国软件(36.59%)、太极股份(35.6%)、神州信息(35.13%)、恒生电子(32.98%)、信雅达(31.3%)等个股期间累计跌幅也均在30%以上。   对此,渤海证券表示,在经历了1月份的大幅下挫后,计算机行业内部分优质个股估值水平已落至历史中枢以下,部分成长性较好、业务稀缺性较强且估值相对合理的个股已迎来配置机遇,投资者可择优加以配置。在经济增速有所放缓的大背景下,国家对新兴产业的支持力度将继续加大,在新领域、新技术方面的投资将会持续带动行业的景气度,因此未来计算机行业仍有望保持较高成长性。继续维持行业“看好”投资评级,推荐飞利信、科大讯飞、东方国信、四维图新、华宇软件。   传媒 两主线布局高弹性标的   据《证券日报》市场研究中心统计显示,在今年以来市场表现跑输大盘的传媒股中,有31只个股近5个交易日呈现大单资金净流入态势,占成份股比例达到39.74%。   具体来看,近5个交易日累计大单资金净流入超1000万元的个股有18只,光环新网期间累计大单资金净流入   居首达到14591.92万元,紧随其后的是东方财富,期间累计大单资金净流入为12540.99万元,蓝色光标(8232.93万元)、慈文传媒(7142.37万元)、读者传媒(5710.87万元)、三六五网(5652.77万元)等个股期间累计大单资金净流入也均在5000万元以上。   而在上述近5个交易日被资金青睐的超跌股中,当代东方今年以来累计跌幅最大,跌幅达40.32%,华媒控股、朗玛信息、长城动漫、中文在线、电广传媒、广电网络、新华传媒、蓝色光标、中青宝、浙报传媒、三六五网、天威视讯、光环新网、出版传媒、凤凰传媒等个股同期跌幅也均在30%以上。   国海证券认为,当前传媒板块的风险已经得到一定程度的释放,建议积极关注低估值高弹性标的的反弹机会。看好2016年全年传媒行业行情,维持行业“推荐”评级,建议关注:1.成长逻辑持续获得验证的低估值龙头;2.逢低关注二次元、虚拟现实、数字营销等相关标的。   汽车 关注业绩稳定增长标的   据《证券日报》市场研究中心统计显示,在今年以来市场表现跑输大盘的汽车股中,有41只个股近5个交易日呈现大单资金净流入态势,占成份股比例达到33.61%。   具体来看,近5个交易日累计大单资金净流入超1000万元的个股有15只,曙光股份期间累计大单资金净流入达5814.68万元,世纪华通位居次席,期间累计大单资金净流入4026.39万元,而骆驼股份、万安科技、万向钱潮期间累计大单资金净流入也均在3000万元以上,分别为3503.64万元、3497.55万元、3328.12万元。   在上述近5个交易日被资金青睐的超跌股中,今年以来跌幅超过40%的汽车股共有4只,分别为金固股份(43.69%)、腾龙股份(42.23%)、浩物股份(40.99%)、远东传动(40.27%),而信隆实业、万安科技、天润曲轴、万向钱潮、松芝股份、安凯客车、江淮汽车等个股期间累计跌幅也较为明显。   国海证券指出,今年以来汽车及零部件行业板块在大幅调整后,部分业绩稳定增长的标的已经具有较强的投资安全边际,重点推荐关注星宇股份、华懋科技。另外,部分原有业务具有稳定现金流、转型业务提供业绩弹性的标的也有较强投资价值,重点推荐关注模塑科技、万安科技。此外,短期业绩难以体现但长期业务发展方向高度符合行业发展趋势的标的也体现出投资价值,重点推荐关注科力远。 新浪声明:此消息系转载自新浪合作媒体,新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

Hong Kong stocks rebound now, pay attention to individual stocks rebound investment opportunities 哈尔滨工程大学学报

Hong Kong stocks rebounded to individual short-term rebound opportunities Sina Finance client: the most profitable investors in Hong Kong level2 market through Sina Hong Kong News February 16th news agency cards according to the Hongkong Economic Daily reported the Hang Seng index rebounded yesterday nearly 600 points, has been close to the highest closing day. Hong Kong has stabilized, but still need to observe the rebound, but can pay attention to individual stock short-term investment opportunities Bo rebound. Hong Kong stocks benefited from the peripheral manufacturing, and the mainland A shares after the resumption of the market, there is no rush down, leading the Hong Kong stocks yesterday rose more and more, but the turnover is low, only 66 billion 400 million yuan. A large number of stocks have been significantly improved, and the large shares have a greater resilience in the early decline of the internal and external stock market. Morgan Stanley: the most bear 16500 however, Morgan Stanley on the Hong Kong stock market outlook remain cautious. The line refers to the index last week had a low rate of account city times, 2008 "financial tsunami", 97 to 98 years of the "Asian financial crisis", even when the valuation of the global recession in 2001 and 2002 worse. However, due to concerns about global economic soundness of Morgan Stanley and yield curve flattened, Chinese exchange rate and banking system, and the Hong Kong dollar exchange rate, in the relevant factors will not alleviate the situation, the Hong Kong stock is still down, the target of 16500 bear material HSI, which is the market closed yesterday may have to adjust the space of nearly 13%. The material is 2638 to 2850 on the technical trend, the Hang Seng Index surged yesterday after the country after that, have l arrived near the 18900 point and 7900 point level. However, the big city above all obstacles, the initial resistance of 20 antenna (HSI for 19157 points, China refers to the 8029 point). If we can successfully break through and stabilize, the two indexes will continue to be 19770 points and 8270 points before the test. As for A shares, the market performance is stable, but the turnover is reduced to 328 billion 900 million RMB again. A shares have gradually dropped to below 400 billion yuan, reflecting the lack of purchasing power of A shares. In addition, people’s Bank of China Governor Zhou Xiaochuan refers to the yuan continuing depreciation basis does not exist (see B2 version [renminbi rebound — exports of RMB short-term strong President]), the RMB has appreciated about 800 pips yesterday to 6.49, since the beginning of the strongest level of exchange rate. The stability of the RMB exchange rate is also favorable to stabilize the stock market in China and Hong Kong. However, the Shanghai stock market is expected to remain at 2638 to 2850 in the absence of A shares. On the other hand, international oil prices have also rebounded recently. The market expects oil production to rise and support the recovery of oil prices. However, it is still too early for the oil group to reach consensus on the reduction of production. It is expected that the volatility of oil prices is still low and will continue to dominate the market, and investors should pay close attention to the development of the situation. In general, the periphery and A shares are stable, favorable for Hong Kong stocks continue to rebound, but the top of the city is a lot of resistance, the market should capture more individual value of Bo shares, but in the process of rebound, but also strictly adhere to risk management. Investors may pay attention to the oversold insurers such as China Life (02628) and Ping An insurance (02318 of

港股现反弹 留意个别股短线反弹投资机会 新浪财经客户端:最赚钱的投资者都在用 港股level2行情 翻看机构底牌   新浪港股讯 2月16日消息 据香港经济日报报道 恒指昨日反弹近600点,已接近全日最高位收市。港股初见回稳,但仍需观察反弹力度,不过可留意个别股份短线博反弹的投资机会。   港股受惠外围造好,加上内地A股假期复市后,未见追跌急泻,带动港股昨日愈升愈有,惟成交偏低,仅664亿元。多个板块显著造好,大型股份中以早前跌势较大的内银股及内险股反弹力度较强。   摩根士丹利:恒指最熊见16500   然而,摩根士丹利对港股后市维持审慎。该行指,恒指上周曾见市帐率低过一倍,较2008年“金融海啸”、97年至98年“亚洲金融风暴”,甚至是2001及2002年的全球衰退时的估值更差。   不过,由于摩根士丹利关注全球经济及孳息曲线趋平坦、中国汇率以及银行体系的稳健程度,以及港元的汇率问题,在有关因素不会减轻的情况下,港股仍有下跌机会,料恒指最熊目标为16500点,即较昨日收市可能有近13%的调整空间。    上证料2638至2850上落   技术走势上,恒指及国指经过昨日急升后,已分别升抵18900点及7900点水平附近。然而,大市上方阻力重重,初步阻力为20天线(恒指为19157点,国指则8029点)。若能成功突破并企稳,两项指数将续可上试前阻力19770点及8270点水平。   至于A股复市表现靠稳,惟成交再度缩减至3,289亿元人民币,A股近日成交已逐步跌至4,000亿元人民币以下,反映A股购买力不足。   此外,人行行长周小川指,人民币不存在持续贬值的基础(详见B2版【人币反弹――行长出口术 人币短线转强】),在岸人民币昨日曾升值约800点子至6.49水平,为年初以来最强汇率水平。人民币汇价进一步靠稳亦有利稳定中港股市,惟在A股成交不足下,估计上证仍维持于2638点至2850点区间上落。   外围方面,国际油价近日亦见反弹。市场憧憬油组减产升温,支持油价回升,惟目前油组要达成减产共识仍言之尚早,预期油价在低位波动性仍大,并将继续左右大市后向,投资者宜密切留意局势发展。   综合而言,外围及A股靠稳,有利港股延续反弹,惟大市上方阻力重重,后市宜捕捉个别较为值博的股份,惟博反弹过程中也要严守风险管理。投资者可留意超跌内险股如国寿(02628)及平保(02318)、消费股如IMAX(01970)及合生元(01112)。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: