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Zhao Liying EQ low innovation actually because of the eyebrows (video)-cibi

"Zhao Liying EQ innovation low" was because of the eyebrows for a long time did not send micro-blog’s classmate Zhao Liying recently appeared in other people’s micro-blog, and found what is not the same place ~ ~ is the charm of the eyebrows changed! Zhao Liying’s new friends to see the ugly cry eyebrow eyebrows Ying Bao advanced photographs of a PO out of history have a lot of friends began to discuss Bao Ying eyebrows, a majority of people think: eat lotus root! Get so many bad friends said to Zhao Liying directly choking back to paste on the next face off eyebrows… The amount of… Sure enough, not long ago, Zhao Liying EQ innovation low, so the news came out one after another. With the opening words Bao Ying kneeling Max skills is not a day for two days, to see the fans turn brand fans live to eat Xiang, upright to call Ye Zuxin Jiang Xin former boyfriend… Zhao Xiaodao this name really is not called the white. Zhao Xiaodao’s first slot should be to thank their parents do not like their own rural people, so the rural people do something wrong… Then grab the cup also let her harvest a large number of black powder, as well as famous as Yang Mi about his response… Upright Bao Ying also indirectly broke the reality completely according to the script of this thing… Later on the reality show is also a professional knife. Ying ah! Do you feel that you have the responsibility to establish the entertainment circle! This in the end is the real temperament or low EQ is not the focus, we return to the new model of Ying ying. In fact, in order to change the new role of Chuqiao, peace day Ying Bao eyebrow indeed most painting eyebrow level is not the same, and create length is lengthened, Miss Young but that good-looking than Ping Mei wow, but to the self, this is Bao Ying, the hand really does not look good painting what ah! This is a painting before liberation! A long time ago Zhao Liying’s eyebrows is today at up to heaven in a tall eyebrow. Coupled with the dress of what, really village soil. Then try to Ping Mei, at first does not look good, because the painting is too thin, fleshy face two thin eyebrows too short molimen. But do not know is to save money or save our Bao Ying eyebrows are so short, poor! But over Bao Ying, micro-blog found before her eyebrows are very sparse and natural double tall ". Really let Zhao Liying amazing beauty, is the land. At this time the eyebrows but tall, length and shade degree are appropriate. Let her further reborn style is Shanshan, responsibly tell you that want to become really silly white sweet, and you need to make Zhao Liying a hairline hair removal hair line is too low to improve the situation, then autologous fat forehead, let yourself have a full forehead, a semi permanent make-up word eyebrow. For a long time Zhao Liying maintained this image. After Bao Ying face more and more delicate, eyebrows also follow some small changes, such as with the tide painted meteor eyebrow, synophrys flew to the temple of the lengthened camber also tried. Synophrys is not popular now after Zhao Liying’s eyebrows with the eyebrow peak, also added some length, the mean wind from the dull Taobao entered the ranks of fashion flowers. However, the eyebrows did not draw well can not simply throw the pan to makeup, the first picture of the eyebrows performance than second copies of the well, second for the eyebrows really too short pick. Time to make a botulinum toxin a uniform high Tiaomei, such as crescent small ~相关的主题文章:

Facebook third quarter earnings outlook active users are expected to increase by more than $4%-ssdao

Facebook’s third quarter earnings outlook: the chain is expected to add 4% active users Facebook Phoenix Technology News Beijing on November 2nd news, according to foreign media reports, the social networking giant Facebook will release third quarter earnings on Wednesday local time. Driven by the growth in advertising revenue, Facebook revenue is expected to grow by 60%, reaching a consensus of $6 billion 900 million. Average price of advertising, as well as user participation is expected to be the main driver of revenue growth. In terms of user participation, Facebook second quarter active users and monthly active users grew by 4% QoQ, respectively, and reached 1 billion 130 million and 1 billion 710 million. Analysts expect Facebook to achieve similar growth rates in the third quarter. Other indicators need to focus on the growth of mobile terminal, as well as Instagram revenue growth. Taking into account the number of Messenger users has exceeded 1 billion mark in July, Facebook CEO Mark · (Mark Zuckburg) is expected to share some of the future monetization strategy on the application of the point of view of the. The following is a key indicator of Facebook third quarter earnings need to focus on: 1,   advertising revenue growth advertising is the main source of revenue for Facebook. In the first half of this year, Facebook’s advertising revenue grew by 60%, to $11 billion 400 million, the region’s mobile advertising revenue growth is the main driving force. Mobile advertising accounted for 83% of total advertising revenue in the same period last year was $74%. 2,   free cash flow growth Facebook business model is a little impressive, that is, its free cash flow growth faster than revenue growth. In the first half of this year, Facebook’s capital investment doubled over the same period last year, but its free cash flow is still up 60%. This will help the company continue to invest in new areas, such as virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, as well as Internet projects, etc.. 3, the average revenue per user (ARPU) Facebook users of international users outside of North America, but they only contributed 50% of the total revenue of the company in. If you exclude the relatively mature European market, Facebook users in the Asia Pacific and other regions accounted for 66% of its total number of users, but these users contribute only $25% of revenue. Compared to $14.34 in North America, Facebook’s average revenue per user in the other region in the second quarter of only $1.13, which represents a huge growth opportunity for Facebook. With the further popularization of Internet services in these areas, the use of smart phones increased, as well as enhance the acceptance of digital marketing, this indicator is expected to improve in the future. (compile sailing) to see more foreign interesting and novel technology news? That is to scan code concern outside the Language Society (micro signal: ifengwys) official WeChat bar.相关的主题文章:

Tang Yan teaches you how to use a universal Hoodie wear a star fan

Tang Yan teaches you how to use a universal Hoodie wear a star fan children lead: a cold autumn rain, after the beginning of autumn, with the continuous rain temperature also decreased, while the wise fashion people early in the quietly updated wardrobe, wearing a little cool summer coat a little early in the season, a warm but not enough so thick sweater just good! Tang Yan, Zhao Liying, Liu Wen, Yang Mi and other fashion students have recently to sweater style appearance, they are all the other basic airport contracted so good to wear sweater, as soon as you can start to update your wardrobe! (source: Ruili nets) Yang Mi, Tang Yan, Liu Wen early will wear the appropriate thickness of sweater sport sweater, loose type, youth, is the Autumn Age circles "carry target". It is no wonder that the female stars are almost N pieces of manpower, energy and age do not wear. Go to school, commuting, sports, travel, sweater all hold live. Of course, you can also be as happy and Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner in charge of sisters sweater. Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenne sweater since such a fire, please look at the stars of the other to buy buy buy sweater, with a bit of inspiration for you! Tang Yan Tang Yan Tang Yan Sweater Hoodie sweater other other other but Tang Yan "hundred-percent sweater control", even if the summer did not let the other frequently sweater sweater, the airport and the printing contract, letter of loose sweater is Tang Yan’s love, the most photographed. The basic collocation black stovepipe pants or skirt, with slender legs is very fashionable. Zhao Liying with "Zhu Xian Yun Zhi" again with field force ring powder Zhao Liying, with the popularity of the dress is not the meal progress soared. The other is fashion sweater recently soared. Zhao Liying Airport street. She wore high ponytail, wearing gold mirror sunglasses, wearing a pink mask, wearing a black KENZO Monogrammed sweater, shoulder Prada Robot black collage backpack, under Pierre Balmain a bright purple skirt, white letters on printing thick soled loafers. Zhao Liying, before the advent of the capital airport, Zhao Liying. She wore half ball head, wearing black sunglasses, wearing a gray striped sweater, with black leggings, Chanel foot white sneakers, carrying CHANEL black diamond chain bag. Less decoration and unnecessary design, such as Zhao Liying and leisure style. Yang Mi Yang Mi Yang Mi is the living example more girls, of course, how can a small sweater it girl! Yang Mi and Tang Yan like other sweater very much. The two other sweater let Yang Mi well received. Young girl Liu Wen in August 15th, DAZZLE Fashion of the Shanghai show, singer Na Ying and DAZZLE Fashion launched NA BY DAZZLE crossover design series, Liu Wen circle of friends to support. Liu Wen day wearing NA BY DAZZLE series black tassel sweater, under a grey wide leg pants. Loose × loose wear law, Liu Wen also no pressure. Moreover, extending from the 9 fringed cuffs相关的主题文章:

Changzhou, a hotel staff were killed 24 hours after police arrested the suspect (video)-avbox

Changzhou, a hotel staff were killed within 24 hours of the police to arrest the suspects on October 12th at 3 pm, in a hotel near the bridge road, Tianning District fraternity fraternity, robbery occurred causing death. After the incident, city police immediately launched the synthetic investigation mechanism, set up a task force to carry out field investigation, interview investigation, diagnostic investigation work, after 8 hours locked Liaoning lvmou suspects, and rushed to the Zhejiang Ningbo arrest. Yesterday at 4 am, lvmou arrested in Ningbo, the afternoon was escorted back to normal. Changzhou evening news reporter learned that the night of the incident, Lu came to the front of the incident Hotel theft of mobile phones, will be on duty at the front desk of the victim woke up. Mei ran out of the hotel and Lu a fight, Lu took out a knife to carry a plum stabbed, Mei died due to excessive bleeding. Passerby: suspicious blood roadside, then backtracking, 150 meters outside the hotel in a shirtless man lying on the ground at noon yesterday, the reporters came to the door of Boai New Oriental English educational institutions (hereinafter referred to as the New Oriental), found on the ground can still see a clear blood, extends to the road opposite the hotel. The first to find the situation and the police, is a foreign tourist pingmou." Bureau of the police station Wu Hao said. 12 at 4 in the morning, pingmou under the train, walk through the fraternity Road, New Oriental entrance, a large pool of red liquid attracted his attention. Pingmou stepped forward to see, to determine the blood, and blood to the opposite side of the road extension. Feng Moushun with blood direction to walk across the street to 150 meters outside the door of a hotel. Pingmou saw the hotel door open, blood directly extended to the front desk, a naked man lying naked in the bar. Subsequently, pingmou with the hotel reception next to the phone to the police. The reduction: suspect stealing mobile phone awakened the victim, fight to stabbed after receiving the alarm, at 4:30 in the morning, Wu Hao and colleagues rushed to the scene, saw a middle-aged man lying in a pool of blood, a lot of wounds right leg. When we arrived at the scene and found that the man has no vital signs, Wu Hao said he initially learned at the scene, the victim surnamed Mei, 51 years old this year, is one of several partners in the hotel. In the evening, a person on duty, in the cubicle next to the bar. We found a tenant in the two floor, when he saw the incident, Mei suddenly chased out of the hotel, and the shoes are not worn. Tenant thought it was a dispute with Mei, did not go out." In pingmou under the guidance of Wu Hao came to New Oriental door, saw a large share of blood, a white shirt and a broken broom handle on the side, were besmeared with blood. Yesterday afternoon, the Changzhou evening news reporter in the police station Bureau Street, see the video data in the hotel, the reduction of the incident: the theft was discovered, the suspect ran out of the hotel. The original suspect at 3:38 on the 12 to enter the hotel, walked into the front desk to get a phone on the computer host. When the suspect took the phone, the phone accidentally fell, woke up mei. Mei ran after the. 3:50, Mei returned to the hotel, leaving a clear bloodstains on the floor. 4:20, pingmou entered the hotel and alarm. "We speculate that meimou to New Oriental gate and fight suspect was stabbed and robbed相关的主题文章:

Night Zhao Ming Zhou Hongyi Lei Wuzhen are talking about what – Sohu Technology-ddrtys

Night: Zhao Ming Zhou Hongyi Lei Wuzhen are talking about what? Sohu, science and technology article one observation art Third World Internet Conference, mobile phone bigwigs again "hard scraper, fire. 16 on the morning before the opening ceremony, a Chinese tunic suit Zhou Hongyi first than Lei to the venue, when he saw the seat next to close to the "Lei", face screwed out of the complex smile. But when the Lei appeared, two people in the face of the media is very complex, laughing and talking, and even some "in love"…… Lei Jun said: "he (Zhou Hongyi) sat next to me last year and fell asleep". The style is as follows: Zhou Hongyi immediately replied: "I am absolutely not to sleep, to sleep on ray total shoulder……" The style is as follows: so, the night after Zhou Hongyi and Lei came to Wuzhen Jin Yi Inn, did not fear the dark…… "Provocative" media reporters excited, carrying changqiangduanbao whim, but found this picture: come on ~ China, mobile phone companies and Internet companies "half of the country" they were actually sitting in a room. From the point of view, Zhou Hongyi and Yu Chengdong were sitting together for the first time, when Zhou Hongyi is ready to cooperate with HUAWEI mobile phone, launched the "360 special machines", although "force majeure" fruitless, but apparently Zhou Hongyi thought Yu Chengdong "enough sense of justice, two people know is said to have been good, when 360 mobile phone is also a big adjustment, believe that the mobile phone that night two people talking. (the leader, you are not the day before that discussion with Lei Jun channels under the line of mobile phone?) The glory of President Zhao Ming sat opposite Zhou Hongyi, a Zhang Yaqin, and between lei. Ya Qin, do you have a special feeling in the air tonight? In the distance, Yang Yuanqing sat in the main position, side is the host of Zhejiang tonight "landlord" Ding Lei, then were Zhang Zhaoyang, Cao Guowei and other Internet business chiefs. Tonight the food and wine, including dishes, are Ding Lei, we look at the table and menu hem feeling: This is said to be "small pigs": of course, is also the first half tonight Chinese Internet plus intelligent mobile phone gangster party, so the help bigwigs tuibeihuanzhan, large pieces of meat and drink. Some high…… The media reporters spent half the night at the door, although not catch "Zhou Lei monomer", but also had a house of chiefs, so a female reporter squat to drunk the glory of President Zhao Ming, we look at the video experience: reporter: Zhao, I’m your hand to discuss very lively discussion is today? Zhao Ming: very happy. Reporter: how could I have been quick to see Lei, cry feeling. Zhao Ming: No, I don’t think ray is always with us today… Reporter: very excited? Zhao Ming: No, I think we got a lot of consensus today. Reporter: what consensus? Zhao Ming: we work together for the nation’s manufacturing, the rise of China’s manufacturing industry. Reporter: what about the competition? Zhao Ming: I think the competition is fair competition, as long as it is fair competition?相关的主题文章: