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China Merchants Securities first half hanging flat 12 yuan 张倏雨人体艺术

China Merchants Securities first half 12 Yuan Hang flat hot column capital flows thousand thousand shares of stock on the latest rating diagnosis simulated trading client Sina App: Live on-line blogger to tutor Sina Hong Kong APP: real time market exclusive reference stocks also worth the investment? What’s the problem? Where is the future? Sina launched the "Hong Kong Hong Kong stocks as well as unattractive" discussion, with a rational and constructive attitude, welcome attention to Hong Kong stocks, concern of the capital market, Hong Kong stocks together for suggestions, seek the Hong Kong stock market tomorrow. Please to hkstock_biz@sina. China Merchants Securities (06099.HK) hang first opened at 12.12 yuan owed to undertake, half day charge 12 yuan, and the listing price of 12 yuan; half day turnover of 39 million 440 thousand shares, involving capital 473 million yuan. China Merchants Securities is a secondary listing in Hong Kong issued 891 million new H shares, and has been the introduction of a number of basic investors for a total of 547 million shares subscribed; public offering of more than 4 times over subscribed, everyone shares; slightly lower than the IPO range (11.54-12.78 yuan) the middle price, expected net proceeds of 10 billion 340 million yuan, mainly for brokerage and wealth management business expand the client service and investment transactions, and to recruit the international certificate provide capital funds and the establishment of the new company. The co sponsors listed China Merchants Securities, JP Morgan and. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

招商证券首挂 半日平收12元 热点栏目 资金流向 千股千评 个股诊断 最新评级 模拟交易 客户端 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导 新浪港股APP:实时行情 独家内参   港股还值不值得投资?出现了什么问题?未来出路在哪里?新浪港股发起“港股还有没有吸引力”大讨论,以理性、建设性的态度,欢迎关注港股、关注资本市场的人士,一起为港股建言献策,共谋港股市场的明天。来稿请至hkstock_biz@sina 。   招商证券(06099.HK)首挂开报12.12元欠承接,半日收12元,与上市价12元相同;半日成交3,944万股,涉资4.73亿元。   招商证券是次来港上市共发行8.91亿股新H股,并已引入多名基础投资者合共认购5.47亿股;公开发售获逾4倍超购,人人有份;股份以略低于招股范围(11.54-12.78元)中间位定价,料集资净额103.4亿元,主要用作经纪与财富管理业务、拓展机构客户服务和投资交易业务,以及向招证国际提供资金与建立新子公司提供资金等。上市联席保荐人招商证券、摩通及大摩。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

International copper prices rise, U.S. employment data pressure, dollar weakness 木瓜能丰胸系谣言

International copper prices rise, the U.S. employment data pressure on the U.S. dollar, Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag false propaganda, performance is lower than the same kind of products for a long time, buy fund by pit how to do? Click on [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Remittance network October 8th hearing – Friday (October 7th) international copper prices rose, due to September U.S. employment growth is less than expected, suggesting that the Fed may be more cautious to raise interest rates, so that the U.S. dollar to reduce the gains.   lower dollar, boosting the purchasing power of investors holding other currencies. In September, the number of jobs in the United States increased by 156 thousand, lower than expected, and slowed for the third consecutive month. "After the non farm payrolls report comes out, the dollar is down, driving basic metals up slightly," said Mr. Yu, director of strategic commodities at boc." Analysts are also paying close attention to sterling. On Friday morning, sterling fell 10% in minutes, and traders said it was the start of the computer that triggered the pound’s fall. The London Metal Exchange (LME) copper for three months rose 0.4% to $4775 a tonne. Aluminum fell 0.1%, at $1675, hit earlier in August 19th to a maximum of $1682.50. Analysts said copper prices were under pressure, and that the Chinese financial market would reopen on Monday after the golden week holiday. Traders are worried that a series of measures will be issued this week China copper demand suppression. Nickel was down 0.2% at $10230. Indonesian mining officials said they could revise the ban on nickel ore exports implemented in 2014. If the plan is implemented, Indonesia’s nickel ore exports will be as high as 15 million tons next year. Zinc increased by 0.2% to $2325, with lead up 1.1% to $2076. The tin was down 0.5% at $20000. LME three month copper hour chart   enter Sina Financial shares] discussion 国际铜价上涨 美国就业数据施压美元走软 新浪基金曝光台:信披滞后虚假宣传,业绩长期低于同类产品,买基金被坑怎么办?点击【我要投诉】,新浪帮你曝光他们!   汇通网10月8日讯——周五(10月7日)国际铜价上涨,因9月美国就业岗位增幅不及预期,暗示美联储可能对升息保持更谨慎态度,令美元缩减涨幅。     美元走低,提振持有其他货币的投资者的商品购买力。9月美国就业岗位增加15.6万个,低于预估,连续第三个月增幅放缓。   中银国际大宗商品策略部主管付晓说,“在非农就业报告出炉后,美元下跌,带动基本金属小幅上升。”   分析师也密切关注英镑走势。周五早间英镑在数分钟内闪跌10%,交易商说,是计算机启动的卖单引发英镑闪跌。   伦敦金属交易所(LME)三个月期铜收高0.4%,报每吨4,775美元。期铝收低0.1%,报1,675美元,稍早触及8月19日来最高1,682.50美元。   分析师表示,铜价受压,因黄金周假期结束后,中国金融市场将在周一重开。   交易商担心,本周中国出台的一系列楼市措施将抑压铜需求。   期镍收低0.2%,报10,230美元。印尼矿业部官员表示,可能修改在2014年实施的镍矿石出口禁令。如果计划落实,明年印尼镍矿石出口将高达1,500万吨。   期锌上涨0.2%,报2,325美元,期铅收升1.1%,报2,076美元。期锡收低0.5%,报20,000美元。   LME三个月期铜小时图   进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

In February the fund was equipped with low growth strategy to equity fund style 沈阳音乐学院研究生部

In February the fund strategy: continue with low equity fund style with the growth of Haitong Securities Financial Products Research Center analyst Tian Benjun investment highlights: investment strategy fund shares mixed open factors to suppress the market although eased but did not disappear, the market can appear a large level rebound remains to be seen, under such circumstances, the assets continue to take advice with Ge strategy is relatively conservative, with low equity fund. In the foundation of the selection of species, taking into account the rapid decline in growth stocks attractive valuations rise, investors can be properly equipped with steady growth style fund, for example, Castrol, GF new impetus to the new EU China leading blue chip etc.. Bond and Currency Fund: the bond yield to maturity remained at historical lows, and then either debt or interest rate credit debt, there are negative factors larger, we recommend investors to adopt a defensive strategy, choice of interest rate debt and high credit rating configuration, a higher proportion of shorter duration bond fund. The monetary fund has no tendency to invest in the case that the long-term capital interest rate remains low, and it can be used as a cash management tool. QDII Fund: the real economy, optimistic about the developed economy, the U.S. interest rate rise in emerging markets may have just begun. Although the US market is under pressure for a short time, the long-term basic improvement is high, and it is recommended to continue to pay attention to the QDII fund investing in the US market. The recommended stock fund hybrid funds: harvest, GF new impetus, leading wells Tianyuan, Xingquan asset light, Xinhua preferred consumption, central new blue chip, the dividend value of the golden eagle, lion flexible configuration, the post strategic emerging industries, GF manufacturing featured. Open bond funds: Harvest short debt, build a stable increase in profits, the Great Wall positive profit. Monetary Fund: Huaxia cash, southern cash. QDII Fund: Bo S & P 500ETF connection, Cathay Pacific NASDAQ 100. The risk that the monetary policy of stock market, policy uncertainty and the impact of devaluation and prospect 1.1 investment environment analysis of rapid decline in January 2016 market analysis 1. years ago from the capital market, the parties feedback, the majority of investors fell more than expected, both internal and external causes. Stand at the present time, from the analysis of the financial side, the fundamentals, the policy side and the overseas environment aspects, after bad factors causing the market decline temporarily eased, but in the long run, these risk factors have not disappeared, probably will continue to impact the market: the surface of the capital, the short-term monetary easing is still ample dilemma. In the last 1 weeks of January, interbank R007 fell to 2.5%, R001 dropped to 2.02%, liquidity improved, but the interest rate of notes remained at above 3%. The central bank reverse repurchase 880 billion, maturity of 190 billion, open net investment of 690 billion, in January the open market net investment of up to 13150 billion, the highest in the calendar year. Net MLF was 612 billion 500 million, and net investment was about 2 trillion in January. But most of the huge investment in January belongs to the short term fund within 1 months 2月基金策略:继续低配权益类基金 风格上增配成长   海通证券金融产品研究中心 分析师:田本俊   投资要点:   基金投资策略   股混开基:压制市场的因素虽然有所缓解但却没有消失,市场能否出现大级别反弹仍需观察,这种情况之下,建议继续采取相对保守的资产配臵策略,低配权益类基金。在基金品种选择上,考虑到成长股快速下跌之后估值吸引力上升,投资者可以适当增配稳健成长风格的基金,比如广发新动力、嘉实领先、中欧新蓝筹等。   债券及货币基金:债券到期收益率仍处在历史低点,且接下来无论是利率债还是信用债,均存在较大的利空因素,建议投资者采用偏防守的策略,选择利率债与高信用评级配臵比例较高、久期偏短的债券基金。货币基金在长期资金利率保持较低水平的情况下没有趋势性投资机会,可以当作现金管理工具。   QDII 基金:实体经济方面,看好发达经济,美升息对新兴市场的冲击可能刚刚开始。美国市场虽然短期承受压力,但是长期基本面改善的确定性高,建议继续关注投资美国市场的QDII 基金。   推荐基金   股票混合型基金:嘉实领先、广发新动力、富国天元、兴全轻资产、新华优选消费、中欧新蓝筹、金鹰红利价值、诺安灵活配臵、中邮战略新兴产业、广发制造业精选。   开放式债券型基金:嘉实超短债、建信稳定增利、长城积极增利。   货币基金:华夏现金、南方现金。   QDII 基金:博时标普500ETF 联接、国泰纳斯达克100。   风险提示   货币政策、证券市场相关政策的不确定性以及人民币贬值影响   1. 资本市场分析与展望   1.1 投资环境分析   2016 年1月市场快速下跌,从年前各方反馈来看,此次下跌超越大部分投资者的预期,内因外因皆有。站在当前时点,从资金面、基本面、政策面以及海外环境各个方面分析,此前引致市场下跌的利空因素暂时有所缓解,但是中长线看,这些风险因素没有消失,很可能将持续冲击市场:   资金面上,货币短期充裕,宽松依然两难。1 月最后1 周银行间R007 降至2.5%,R001 降至2.02%,流动性有所改善,但票据利率仍维持在3%以上高位。央行逆回购8800 亿,到期1900 亿,公开市场净投放6900 亿,1 月公开市场净投放高达13150 亿,创历年之最。加上MLF 净投放6125 亿,1 月净投放约2 万亿。但1 月巨额投放中大部分属于1 个月以内短期资金,节后面临考验。1 月最后1 周在岸和离岸人民币均保持稳定,外汇市场美元成交量萎缩至日均150 亿美元,在美国暂缓升息,管理层发声强调人民币没有持续贬值基础之后,当前人民币贬值担忧有所缓解,但是风险并没有解除,仍将持续压制投资者心理预期。   基本面上,经济仍在下滑,CPI 低点企稳。2015 年GDP 增速6.9%,显示经济在继续减速,工业企业利润总额增速-2.3%,主营利润增速-4.5%,均转负,主因工业需求不足、工业品价格下滑、成本居高不下,其中12 月利润总额同比增速-4.7%,较11 月跌幅扩大。1 月全国制造业PMI 小幅下滑至49.4,低于预期值49.6,连续6 个月低于荣枯线,并创12 年8 月以来新低,指向制造业景气转差。12 月CPI 略有上升至1.6%,略高于市场预期,但是PPI 同比下降5.9%,与上月持平。总体上,从最近的经济数据看,短期内很难看到经济转好的迹象,较差的经济数据可能持续地冲击A股市场。   政策面上,财政收支矛盾进一步突现,供给侧改革提速。2015 年全国一般公共预算收入同比增速8.4%,支出同比增速15.8%,进口税收负增、增值税低增、企业所得税增速回落,国有土地使用权出让收入大跌使得2015 年全国政府性基金收入增速由正转负,显示财政收支矛盾凸显,2016 年基建投资仍是重要抓手,但供给侧改革或令财政收入进一步下滑,预示财政赤字率或大幅上升。领导人近期在重要场合中数次提及供给侧改革,指出率先在煤炭、钢铁领域推进供给侧改革。煤炭去产能征求意见稿出炉,计划3 年时间去产能7 亿吨(3 亿吨国有产能、4 亿吨小煤矿),分流100 万人,政府将对每吨退出产能提供150 元补贴(中央100 元 地方50 元)。   海外环境方面,美加息预期延后,日本负利率超预期。1 月日本央行议息会议通过了对金融机构新增超额准备金实行负利率的决定。在美国加息、中国经济增速放缓的大背景下,人民币汇率持续承压,而日本负利率或加剧贬值压力。如要坚持稳定汇率,则必须加强资本管制,同时利率政策将受约束。美联储1 月议息决定维持当前基准利率不变,期货市场也显示市场加息预期延后,联储最早加息时间从6 月推迟到了7-9月,加息次数也由2 次减少到了1 次,美国加息延后或给全球金融市场难得的喘息之机,但是须注意的是,议息会议决定并没有排除年内加息的可能性,人民币币值波动仍是投资者必须始终关注的一大风险。   1.2 股票市场展望:保持低仓配臵,增配成长风格基金   1月的快速下跌既有高估值的内因,也受到了注册制、熔断制、减持禁令到期、人民币贬值等外部事件的冲击。在管理层暂停熔断制,并对注册制、减持、人民币贬值等事件发声之后,投资者的担忧情绪有所缓解,同时主板下跌25%、创业板下跌30%之后市场短期的确有可能出现反弹,但是投资者须注意的是,制约市场的不确定因素只是缓解并没有消除,注册制仍然悬而不决,人民币在美国加息、欧日宽松的背景下依然疲弱,货币宽松力度明显弱于上年,同时经济数据显示基本面没有触底迹象,中小创四季度净利增速下滑,这些因素均将持续压制市场。   内外部市场均不平静,压制市场的因素没有消解,出现较大反弹的概率较低,建议投资者继续低配权益资产。但是考虑到新兴产业仍是发展方向,且成长股经历快速下跌之后,估值吸引力上升,组合可以适当增配成长风格品种。   1.3 债券市场展望:缩短久期,多看少动   利率债短久期加杠杆可行,建议多看少动。央行结构性工具投放下,短期流动性无忧,货币利率稳定在低位,意味着短久期加杠杆策略依然可行。但节前交易热情下降,适合多看少动。维持10 年国债2.6%-3.1%区间,10 年国开3.0%-3.5%的区间不变。节后一级供给可能扩大,信贷投放超增或将分流债市资金。我们仍需关注汇率波动和信用风险对流动性的影响。综合来看,这些风险因素都导致利率债长端有调整压力。因此建议缩短久期、提高评级,等待利率调整后的机会。   信用债防风险,优选短久期高等级。李克强在1 月27 日的国务院常务会议上提出,对于长期亏损、失去清偿能力或环保安全不达标且整改无望的企业及落后产能,坚决压缩退出相关贷款。而近期已有大行和股份行对部分产能过剩行业实行限贷,贷款停贷和债券难发或为压垮僵尸企业的最后一根稻草。地方债发行启动在即,供给冲击不容小觑。   财政部下发关于地方债发行的通知,地方债大概率将于一季度启动发行,对于新增债和臵换债仍有规模上限限制,发行进度会趋于平稳。我们预计今年臵换债额度将达到5-6万亿,远超去年,而货币宽松受制于汇率,仍需警惕地方债的供给冲击。   2.基金投资策略:关注均衡灵活与稳健成长风格的基金   股混开基:压制市场的因素虽然有所缓解但却没有消失,市场能否出现大级别反弹仍需观察,这种情况之下,建议继续采取相对保守的资产配臵策略,低配权益类基金。   在基金品种选择上,考虑到成长股快速下跌之后估值吸引力上升,投资者可以适当增配稳健成长风格的基金,比如广发新动力、嘉实领先、中欧新蓝筹等。   债券货币基金:债券到期收益率仍处在历史低点,且接下来无论是利率债还是信用债,均存在较大的利空因素,建议投资者采用偏防守的策略,选择利率债与高信用评级配臵比例较高、久期偏短的债券基金。货币基金在长期资金利率保持较低水平的情况下没有趋势性投资机会,可以当作现金管理工具。   QDII 基金:实体经济方面,看好发达经济,美升息对新兴市场的冲击可能刚刚开始。美国市场虽然短期承受压力,但是长期基本面改善的确定性高,建议继续关注投资美国市场的QDII 基金。   3. 本期组合大类资产配臵   我们对积极型、稳健型以及保守型三类不同风险承受能力的投资者给予资产配臵比例的建议。我们给予这三类投资者在权益类基金(包含股票、混合型基金以及交易型基金)一个配臵比例区间,分别为积极型配臵区间60-100%;稳健性30-80%,保守型10-40%,权益类资产均衡配臵比例分别是80%、55%和25%。当我们判断市场上涨概率较大时,我们会在权益类基金上配臵较高的比例,反之则降低比例。   资产配臵比例建议继续低配权益类基金。   积极型投资者:配臵70%的权益类基金、30%的债券基金,其中权益类基金中主要以国内主动型股票混合型基金(60%)和QDII 基金(10%)为主。   稳健型投资者:配臵45%的权益类基金、35%的债券基金和20%的货币市场基金。其中权益类基金中主要是国内主动型股票混合型基金(35%)和QDII 基金(10%)。   保守型投资者:配臵20%的权益类基金、50%的债券基金、30%货币市场基金。其中25%的权益类基金包括15%的主动型股票混合型基金和5%的QDII基金。       4. 风险提示   货币政策、证券市场相关政策的不确定性以及人民币贬值影响。 新浪声明:新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

Week review U.S. slowdown in gold prices soaring global easing bright prospects – Sohu financial 浙江大学礼仪队

Week review: the U.S. slowdown in gold prices soaring global relaxed Outlook – Sohu Finance – this week (February 1st -2 month 5 week) gold prices soared nearly 40 U.S. dollars, an increase of 3.7%. When the gold price was the lowest, it rose from $1116.82 an ounce to $1163.01 an ounce. U.S. data weak, Fed officials dovish speech makes the market believes that the pace of the Fed interest rate will slow down, which is the main factor in the rise in gold prices this week. In addition, the world’s major central banks loose related stock movements measures, physical gold buying, but also constitute a support for the price of gold. Next week (February 8th -2 month 12 day week) the focus of the market is still to the Fed’s policy outlook, especially Wednesday fed Yellen’s testimony, investors can find more clues to the Fed rate hike outlook. In addition, the real gold buying after the Spring Festival is also concerned by investors. The economic outlook is weakening, making the Fed slow to raise interest rates to support the price of gold. Oil prices and the stock market fall, prompting investors to buy safe asset hedging, gold prices in the Federal Reserve slowed down the main support of interest rate rise. Because the recent outlook for gold prices is mainly affected by the pace of interest rate hike in the United States, the increase in interest rates has weakened the attractiveness of gold because of increasing the opportunity cost of holding non income assets. U.S. data weak, Fed officials released doves speech. In the case of the Fed’s potential to raise interest rates in the future, investors seek to be regarded as a safer asset gold hedge. This week’s data show that U.S. manufacturing activity shows signs of stabilization in January, but the possibility of recovery in the short term is unlikely. US consumer spending was flat in December. The service sector in the United States is slowing, and the U.S. services sector slowed in January to the lowest level in the last two years, indicating a weaker economic growth in the first quarter. Fed officials’ dovish remarks have raised concerns about the market. Fisher, the vice president of the Federal Reserve, suppressed the dollar. Fisher said that the continued volatility of the market may undermine the U.S. economy and inflation. Dudley, chairman of the New York fed, said that since the Fed meeting decided to raise interest rates in December, the financial situation has been more tense, and if this situation continues in the March meeting, we will have to consider this situation. His comments prompted the market to weaken expectations of interest rates. Robin Bhar, an analyst at Societe Generale, believes that the main driving force behind the rise in spot gold prices is the weakening of the US dollar, and the uncertainty of the global economy is increasing, which stimulates investors’ demand for hedging. BMO Capital Markets, director of the basic metals and precious metals trading division, said, "the market is focusing on bad news and believes the Fed will no longer raise interest rates. At present, the price of gold is entirely affected by the weakening of the dollar. In addition, the market is under the Federal Reserve may not further increase interest rate expectations to adjust." Spot gold price 4 hours chart week trend

周评:美国放缓金价飙升 全球宽松前景光明-搜狐理财   ――本周(2月1日-2月5日当周)黄金价格大幅攀升近40美元,累计上涨3.7%。当周金价最低自1116.82美元 盎司,最高升至1163.01美元 盎司。美国数据疲软、美联储官员鸽派言论使得市场认为美联储加息步伐将会放缓,这是本周金价上涨的主要因素。此外,全球各大央行的宽松举 相关公司股票走势 措,实物黄金买盘,也都对金价构成支撑。  下周(2月8日-2月12日当周)市场的焦点仍然在美联储政策前景的走向,尤其是下周三美联储耶伦的证词,投资者可以找到更多美联储加息前景的线索。此外,春节之后的实物黄金买盘也受到投资者关注。  经济前景转弱料使得美联储放缓加息支撑金价。油价和股市下跌促使投资者买入安全资产避险,金价在美联储放缓加息的主要支撑下走高。因为金价近期的前景主要受到美国升息步伐的影响,利率升高使得黄金吸引力减弱,因增加了持有非收益性资产的机会成本。  美国数据疲弱,联储官员放出鸽派言论。在美联储未来升息可能性降低的情况下,投资者寻求在被看作更安全的资产黄金避险。  本周数据显示,美国制造业活动1月呈现出企稳的迹象,但短期内复苏的可能性不大。美国消费者支出12月持平。美国服务业也在放缓,1月美国服务业活动放缓至近两年来低位,表明第一季度开始经济增长更加疲弱。  美联储官员鸽派言论增加了市场的忧虑。美联储副主席费希尔的言论打压美元。费希尔称,市场持续动荡可能损及美国经济和通胀。  纽约联储主席杜德利表示,自从12月美联储会议决定加息以来,金融状况更为紧张,如果这种状况在3月会议时还在持续,我们将不得不对此加以考虑。他的评论促使市场减弱了对升息的预期。  法国兴业银行的分析师Robin Bhar认为,目前现货黄金价格上涨的主要推动力是美元走弱,且全球经济的不确定性也不断增加,刺激了投资者的避险需求。  BMO Capital Markets基本金属和贵金属交易部门董事说,“市场聚焦在坏消息,且相信美联储将不能再加息。目前而言金价走势完全是受到美元走软的影响。另外,市场还正在根据美联储可能不会进一步加息的预期来进行调整。”  现货金价4小时图本周走势相关的主题文章:

Chain stores do not regulate the behavior of Shanghai Construction Committee official investigation aotm奥特曼动画片

Chain of home deposit does not regulate the operation of the Shanghai Municipal Construction Committee official investigation 23 pm yesterday, the real China No. 1165 chain stores closed, after the window all second-hand housing information has been removed, leaving only a whiteboard. Morning news reporter Yin Liqin     "chain reaction" – Construction Committee official investigation into the chain of home real estate, suspended someone’s stores – net signed qualifications "chain home" all stores in Shanghai second-hand housing listing window shelf night reporter Wu Hua Lin Chen Qinling Mountains Liyu Xu Yanfei morning news recently for the Shanghai City Consumer Protection Committee of the Shanghai chain exposure the real estate brokerage Co., Ltd. related cases, the Municipal Construction Committee responded to 24 days, the chain of companies related stores does not exist on the operating norms, has launched a formal investigation, results will be announced to the public. At present, the online registration qualifications of some related stores and related brokers are suspended. 24 evening, the reporter once again learned, Shanghai chain house all second-hand housing listings all off the shelf. Subsequently, the reporter visited Yangpu, Xuhui, Putuo and other chain stores, found that all second-hand housing on the window disappeared, and the rest is a blank whiteboard. Yangpu District government road close to the National Road, about 300 meters apart, there are two chain stores. 11 last night, the reporter visits, found the window on the housing ads are removed, originally placed at the door says the availability of information is a blank whiteboard. But the two stores have not closed, all staff are still in the meeting. "These houses are sold out." In the face of inquiries, a shop staff responded. But then it was revealed that the original information of the house was old, some violated the advertising law, so removed. "These two days certainly will not have the housing advertisement, but the housing supply is still in, after advertisement certainly will also have." Informed sources, the chain home since yesterday, all financial products have stopped, but also the circle of friends all the news on financial products deleted. In this regard, the above staff denied that the chain home has not provided financial products, "we are to bring customers to bank loans, chain home where so much money."." But reporters said that there had been chain intermediary personnel commitment chain family can provide loans to make up for insufficient 1629. The staff was just embarrassed and did not answer. 22:55 last night, chain store window wending Road No. 55 on the availability of information are removed, and the real estate listings adjacent is still high in the hang. Security told reporters in the residential area, the usual housing information is 24 hours high hanging, suddenly blank is really strange. Is the chain of real estate own withdrawal, or by the relevant departments ordered halt? Last night, reporters repeatedly call the chain of real estate related person in charge of the phone, but has no answer. As of 11:30 last night, the listing of second-hand housing listings on the Shanghai chain official website is still normal. Since the day before yesterday, the Consumer Protection Committee interviewed, as the fastest expansion of intermediary in recent years, Shanghai chain home was pushed to the cusp. Shanghai City Construction Committee was interviewed yesterday morning chain company responsible person, and asked the chain company actively matching theory 链家存不规范经营行为 上海住建委正式调查   昨日23时许,真华路1165号链家门店打烊,此前橱窗所有二手房源信息已被撤下,只留下一张张白板。  晨报记者 殷立勤     “链”式反应   ■住建委正式调查链家地产,暂停涉事门店网签资格   ■“链家”所有上海门店橱窗挂牌二手房源连夜下架   记者 邬林桦 秦岭 陈里予 徐妍斐   晨报讯 针对近日上海市消保委曝光的上海链家房地产经纪有限公司相关案例,市住建委24日回应,链家公司相关门店存在不规范经营行为,对其已展开正式调查,处理结果将及时向社会公布。目前,涉事门店及相关经纪人员的网上签约资格即日起被暂停。   24日晚间,记者再次获悉,上海链家所有二手房房源全部下架。随后记者走访杨浦、徐汇、普陀等多个链家门店,发现橱窗上的所有二手房房源全部消失了,剩下的是一张张空白的白板。   杨浦区政立路靠近国定路,相隔300米左右,就有两家链家门店。昨晚11时许,记者实地探访时,发现橱窗上的房源广告都被撤下,原本放在门口写着房源信息的白板也一片空白。但两家门店均还未打烊,所有工作人员都还在开会。“这些房子都卖出去了。”面对询问,门店一位工作人员这样回答。但其随后又透露,橱窗原本的房源信息都是旧的,有些违反了广告法规定,所以撤下。“这两天肯定不会有房源广告了,但是房源还是在的,广告以后肯定也会有的。”   知情人士透露,链家从昨天起所有金融产品都停掉了,还把朋友圈所有关于金融产品的消息删掉了。对此,上述工作人员否认称,链家一直没有提供金融产品,“我们都是带客户到银行贷款的,链家哪来这么多钱。”但记者表示,此前曾有链家中介人员承诺链家可以提供贷款补足不够的房款。该工作人员只是尴尬一笑,没有回答。   昨晚22点55分,文定路55号的链家门店玻璃窗上的房源信息也全部撤下,而与其相邻的中原地产房源信息仍高高在挂。对门小区的保安告诉记者,平时房源信息是24小时高挂的,突然空白确实有些奇怪。   是链家地产自己撤下的,还是被有关部门勒令叫停?昨天晚上,记者反复拨打链家地产相关负责人的电话,但是一直无人接听。截至昨晚11点30分,上海链家官网上的二手房源挂牌显示都还正常。   自前日消保委约谈后,作为近年来扩张最快的中介,上海链家一下被推到风口浪尖。上海市住建委已于昨天上午约谈了链家公司相关负责人,并要求链家公司积极配合调查。   住建委称,近期上海房地产经纪行业违规情况有所抬头,政府相关主管部门将进一步加大对房地产经纪市场的监管力度,及时查处违法违规行为,切实维护交易当事人合法权益,保持房地产市场平稳、健康、有序发展。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: