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The charming "100 thousand +" surging bubble — Guangxi Channel – commercial fraud when the amount of fans, the amount of reading could be exchanged for real money, compared with real operation, the accumulation amount of readers, through the brush shortcuts covered with "the emperor’s new clothes", has become a public number up the road. According to consulting statistics, in 3 years, WeChat public brush market size to 37 billion 800 million yuan from 21 billion 500 million yuan, 80% working class public number had brush behavior, the average amount of real reading some large display only read the number 30%, number of bubbles in the cycle is blown…… Browsing and reading, like TV ratings, become an important indicator favored by advertisers and investors. (Southern Metropolis Daily, October 13th) the popular public number is showing a new version of the emperor’s new clothes". Dazzling charm of "100 thousand +" coat under, the surging is the amount of brush on the foam. Micro-blog, WeChat and other digital indicators of social media, the amount of reading, the amount of fans forwarded clear, "eye" effect to digital, at a glance, "golden master" of course also followed. More and more advertisers abandon traditional media and turn to public numbers. Reading quantity of considerable public number to undertake the offer of advertising tens of thousands of dollars. However, when the amount of fans, the amount of reading could be exchanged for real money, compared to painstaking operation, accumulation of real readers, through the brush amount of shortcuts covered with "the emperor’s new clothes", has become a public number up the road. And the strong demand for brush trading, not only become a business, but also spawned an Internet fraud industry chain. Brush painting quantity is not unique to WeChat platform, micro-blog, live big buy attention, forwarding, comment, point praise, is no longer a secret. Even twitter, Facebook and other western social media platform, also difficult to eliminate this kind of gray transactions, $10 1000 twitter followers, are clearly marked, only money can buy. Here take a little brush amount of public numbers decorate the facade, there to get the money from the commercial advertising agency endorsement earnings to buy more, then the number of fans, the amount of reading and other active index, social media platform is full of activity. Of course, the social media platform is well aware of this new "emperor’s new clothes". False prosperity false data, resulting in bad money drives out good money, do not brush content operators to survive, for the destruction of the ecological platform and overdraft, it is common sense. This is why platforms, including Facebook, continue to identify and clean fake machine accounts. Not only that, despite the purchase of fake fans and the amount of reading there is no legal restriction, but some lawyers note that the public has been suspected of fraud, commercial fraud, advertising and commercial income to obtain the number of fans and the amount of reading is false, intentional violation caused by the advertisers’ rights, there is no reason to go unpunished, is likely to be commercial fraud the charges. Based on this, the "emperor’s new clothes", by the amount of brush brush out of the public, to really take off, obviously not only consciously, in addition to the platform for the false account as to the monitoring and elimination of duties, also should not lack of legal governance. (Wujiang) (commissioning editor Pang Guanhua and Chen Lulu)

迷人的“10万+”涌动着商业欺诈的泡沫–人民网广西频道–人民网 当粉丝量、阅读量可兑换为真金白银,相比潜心运营,积累真实读者,通过刷量等捷径披上“皇帝的新装”,已成为不少公众号的催肥之路。 咨询机构统计显示,短短3年内,微信公众号刷量市场规模从215亿元升到378亿元,八成营运类公众号有过刷量行为,一些大号的平均真实阅读量只有显示阅读数的三成,泡沫在数轮循环中越吹越大……浏览量、阅读量如同电视收视率一样,成为一个重要指标受到广告商和投资人的青睐。(《南方都市报》10月13日) 火爆的公众号,正在上演新版的“皇帝的新装”。炫目迷人的“10万+”外衣之下,涌动的却是刷量泛起的泡沫。 微博、微信等社交媒体有粉丝量、阅读量、转发量等明确的数字化指标,“眼球”效应如何,数字一目了然,“金主”当然也随之而来。越来越多的广告主放弃传统媒体,转而与公众号合作。阅读量可观的公众号承接广告的报价动辄数万元。 不过,当粉丝量、阅读量可兑换为真金白银,相比潜心运营、积累真实读者,通过刷量等捷径披上“皇帝的新装”,已成为不少公众号的催肥之路。而刷量交易需求的强劲,不仅成为一门生意,更催生出一条互联网造假产业链。 刷粉刷量并非微信平台所独有,微博、直播大号中购买关注、转发、评论、点赞,早已不是什么秘密。就连推特、脸书等西方社交媒体平台,同样难以杜绝这类灰色交易,10美元1000个推特粉丝,都是明码标价,只需花钱就能买到。这边花点小钱刷粉刷量装点公号门面,那边从商业机构获得不菲的广告代言收益,再购买更多的粉丝数、阅读量等活跃度指标,社交媒体平台也显得活跃度十足。 对于这件吹弹即破的“皇帝新装”,社交媒体平台当然心知肚明。虚假数据下的虚假繁荣,导致“劣币驱逐良币”,不刷量的内容经营者难以生存,对于平台生态的破坏与透支,更是常识。这也是为何包括脸书在内的平台不断对虚假机器账号进行识别与清理。不仅如此,尽管购买虚假粉丝和阅读量尚无法律制约,但一些律师注意到公众号造假已涉嫌商业欺诈,以虚假的粉丝数与阅读量获得的广告与商业收益,对广告主的权益造成的故意侵害,没有理由逍遥法外,极有可能被以商业欺诈的罪名起诉。 基于此,公众号靠刷量刷出的这件“皇帝新装”,要想真正脱下,显然不能仅靠自觉,除了平台对于虚假账号尽到监控与清除职责之外,法律治理同样不应缺位。(吴江) (责编:庞冠华、陈露露)相关的主题文章: