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Business In 1999, Mitsubishi and Toshiba put forth a collaborative effort to construct a convenient means to store .puter files for camcorders and .puters. The result was the cheap SD Memory Card. These SD (Secure Digital) cards all but took the place of the Multimedia Card (MMC), having generally and noticeably faster transfer rates as well as a high-density storage capacity. The average transfer rate for the cheap SD memory card is six times faster than the typical CD-ROM, with a speed expending at 66x (1.01 specification). The better speed SD memory card, though, possesses a 133x speed (1.1 specification), enabling data transfer of .plex audio/visual files to proceed and save in mere microseconds. The standard data transfer rate provides the capability for these files to record everything simultaneously and immediately. The feature that really makes these cheap SD memory cards so much better than the old MultiMedia Cards is the storage space. Not only is storage vaster, but the SD memory cards are available in a multitude of different capacities: 900kB/s ands 10 MB/s,16 MB/s, 32 MB/s, 64 MB/s, 128 MB/s, 256 MB/s, 512 MB/s, 1 GB, 2 GB/s, 4 GB/s, 6 GB/s, and even 8 GB/s, which is so spacious that it can hold a library of movies and considerably more! The cheap SD memory cards usually need a card reader or adapter to act as a connecter to a central processor of some sort (.puter, camcorder, etc.), but are even designed to utilize USB ports. Many modern electronic devices are created with a SD memory function or a port especially made for the SD memory card. That such a device is (relatively) low-priced is yet another advantage of the SD memory card. The prices are as varied as the storage capacity, but lower costs provide an incentive for those who are looking for a high-end, high-quality product. Cost levels range anywhere from $10.95 for the 128 MB/s to $12-$15.00 for the 256 MB/s and under $20 for the 512 MB/s. The prices for the 1 GBs fluctuate, but they typically fall under $60. The more low-priced brands, such as Corsair and Kingston, average between $35 and $45, whereas the more well-known brands (SunDisk and Lexar) range from $50 to $60. The 2 GB SD memory cards are around $100 or slightly more. For those diehard audio/visual enthusiasts who want to build extensive archives of files, or for those who have many small simple Word doc files, the cheap SD memory card is the best device to use. Get your cheap sd memory cards here as well as your other .pact flash memory specs. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: