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China Ibunroku: Chinese ancient folk taboo Daquan – Sohu reading page first: the third chapter     bone flute;   Title: "Chinese Ibunroku" Author: Paulownia format: 16 open publication date: August 1, 2016 published: Jiangxi education press content: a long time ago, in a small town there is a terrible legend. According to legend, as long as the assembly of one hundred human skulls, grinding into powder, made a clear and smooth as jade flute, the bone flute is the soul of the power intake. Then the deceased loved one’s skull drum made of human skin, the skin bone flute, drum sealing soul, collect one hundred souls, the dead will be dead. A hotel owner listened to this legend, in order to resurrect old daughter, secretly at design came to lodging visitors, take the soul of boning. What a terrible thing happened…… Bone flute is used to do what, under the horror of the flute, how strange twists and turns of the story? The hotel owner can get what you want, up to years of care of her daughter? A group of bandits trapped in a deep mountains and forests, scorched by the flames occasion, suddenly appeared in the foggy Creek in a pair of delicate white feet. Although you can not see his face, but all that wash in a stream must be a great beauty. The bandits went to the front, Americans have already disappeared, leaving only two pieces of white birch roots…… Many years ago, a young Zheng love on the a rich man’s daughter. In order to get Miss Zheng students bought a female prisoner has been unjustly heart blood, then a red dates soaked in blood, fourteen days later, stripping meat for nuclear, and then immersed by spirits, removed by children, engraved decoration, the junction of the umbrella handle and the umbrella enclosed by Chili oil the umbrella head…… It is said that the ancient method of oil umbrella made a total of eighty-six to go through the process, more than now a full fourteen. The fourteen step is called "superb", after the lost umbrella can ward off evil spirits and misfortunes…… Why did Zheng Sheng do that? Whether he can do, together with the ladies? Behind the Chili oil umbrella legend, how many sensational secret? "China Ibunroku" series, tells the story of the oldest folk story for Chinese native, the most bizarre arcane taboo, the most enchanting local legend! Author: Paulownia, formerly known as Fu Tingting, Jilin, Tianya community energy-saving popular writer, who collects folk Zhiyi and rustic curiosities, has studied the China traditional culture. Born and grew up in the north, the northeast of the vast and mysterious deep mountains and forests in the familiar strange legends, writing stories and adventures, compact layout, embodies its rich imagination and superb writing skills. The main works are "a collection of things published" ancient story "decorated", highly praised by numerous readers and writers. Abstract: the third chapter serial safety bone flute, silent parting. Ever since I heard the story of the pig under the eaves, he went on the line every time.相关的主题文章: