China launched the first Beidou global centimeter level positioning system – China Network

Chinese launched a new network first Beidou global positioning system construction "cm level" – in November 1 Zhuhai Xinhua Xinhua (reporter Wang Pan) Chinese Aerospace Science and Technology Group held a press conference at the Zhuhai airshow in site 1, announced the first "centimeter" Beidou global positioning system in China Construction started, the system named "Dragon system". According to reports, dragon system by calculating from up to 300 more than the global satellite navigation system for reference station observation data, satellite navigation and positioning in the traditional influence on the positioning accuracy, large precision orbit error correction clock error and other parameters, and through 5 geostationary orbit satellites and more than 60 the low earth orbit communication satellite constellation, broadcast correction parameters to improve the accuracy of satellite navigation terminal, satellite navigation terminal positioning to centimeter level". Dragon system provides OS, SP, GP, Air a total of 4 data signals, respectively "sub meter sub decimeter and centimeter, aviation safety level service. The conference, along with the construction and operation of the Dragon Kui system step by step, our industry will have a "day in cm scale perception of the world".相关的主题文章: