China’s first foreign stores for more than 20 years did not enter the new employees retirement Sohu

The first 20 years of foreign Chinese shops into new employees: 52 year old retired Sohu News – Beijing friendship store was a dream in the minds of people (information) the friendship store has been difficult now former glory, now a deserted house, business friendship store has been difficult now former glory, now a deserted house, business with the impact of the electricity supplier, once the entity stores fame are looking for a way out. However, in the Beijing land along the Chang’an Avenue, but there is a shop like "cultural relics" change dozens of young. This is the friendship store in Beijing, once as one of the earliest foreign stores, is the first in China to provide permanent foreign guests, the tourism team to provide services for large-scale foreign stores. Now, in a row of incandescent lamp irradiation, the friendship store three layer jewelry jade antique objects in a few years as one day is displayed in the glass counter, usually large stores for half a day to a customer, the salesperson to talk, or play mobile phone sent time. Transformation of rumors about the friendship store was the richest man in Macao, Ho striking one snag after another, 2007? Has announced that the capital 4 billion yuan for its comprehensive reform, but the project failed. With the release of this year, the City Planning Commission website Friendships Building project design review, this landmark building is expected to undergo major surgery again. The store customer goods yellow half did not sign the incandescent lamp is broken 1/3 weekday afternoon, from the Chang’an Avenue friendship store into heavy traffic, a sense of coming through. A layer of sales of jewelry counters, three dressed in a light blue shirt overalls were guarding the empty stores, only one customer and shop assistants chat. From the shop to sit straight staircase to the 4 floor, where the main sales of fine paintings, silk carpets, the whole floor saw only a salesman. Beijing Youth Daily reporter in the friendship store to stay for 4 hours, the two visit to this layer, open store in a customer did not encounter. The wall hung painting slightly dust, the price of one thousand yuan to several thousand dollars, but what was the last time went on sale, the salesman is reluctant to disclose. If we want to inquire about the friendship store these years of operation, the salesman only said: "you should find our leaders ask, listen to the person complaining, that are not used." The three layer of the friendship store to operate the Emerald Diamond jewelry, carved jade, gold and silver products, lacquer, cloisonne products, the "scholar’s four jewels". Is not difficult to find, on the shelves of the teapot is covered with a layer of dust, the counter Emerald Pendant Bracelet price tag has yellow. Due to the large area of this operation, there are a number of counters and even no sales duty. If the consumer is just wandering, the salesperson will not take the initiative to talk. If you want to see something, you can call the sales assistant to help you. BYD reporter noted that this layer of incandescent bulbs at the top of the store floor broken at least 1/3, salesman still use the last century folding chair. From the number and category of goods on the three floor, is regarded as the main floor of the friendship store, the salesperson has six or seven floors, a lot more than the other, but also because of the lack of customers, salesperson or chat or play mobile phone to pass the time. The earliest in china"相关的主题文章: