China’s iron and steel bonds to pay off the debt crisis lifted the central bank debt warning is not denka

Iron China bond payment crisis lifted the central enterprises debt is not in addition to the alarm China iron worries is the central enterprises debt is not in addition to the alarm reporter Xu Yanyan Zhu Yanran of the State Council SASAC website in August 24th, Chinese railway materials Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Chinese iron") to 6 billion 800 million yuan against the maturity of the bonds for years. This means that, for many months in April, the market has been concerned about China’s iron and steel debt crisis has been officially lifted. However, along with the traditional industry profitability has become increasingly difficult, long-term debt problem Chinese iron alarm is not lifted, the central enterprises debt problem is hardly the end. In the ongoing reform of market-oriented reforms, breaking the rigid payment of the bond market and the central rate of faith, but also the trend of the times. SASAC’s attention in April 11th, iron Chinese announcement said, because the scale of business continued to shrink, profit decline, the company is on the reform and difficulty relief measures and debt next major issues of reimbursement arrangements, for the 16 billion 800 million to suspend trading of debt financing instruments. This 16 billion 800 million debt financing tool contains a total of 9 bonds, which in 2016 to honor the amount of $6, a total of $6 billion 800 million. However, China’s iron and steel debt has been fully cashed. According to the disclosure, the main source of funds for the payment to revitalize the Beijing Lugou Bridge building project, Chengdu Lize iron Thebaud real estate projects, respectively, to recover the funds 4 billion yuan and 2 billion 788 million yuan; collect the relevant central enterprises to 1 billion 138 million yuan, 849 million yuan payment risk event handling, and support Chengtong group. There is no doubt that the issue of China’s iron debt began to get the attention of the sasac. China Railway is a large central enterprise directly managed by the SASAC, which is the main source of revenue and profit for the railway material supply service business, commodity trade and productive service business. Affected by the decline in oil sales and prices, the number of companies to control the risk of stripping ions and open business, the company’s operating income and gross profit decreased significantly. SASAC Research Center Hu late on the first financial daily said that the central enterprises debt is one of the focus of market attention, China’s iron and steel debt payment on schedule, the stability of the entire bond market has a positive meaning. Yesterday, the SASAC news shows that the second half of this year, the maturity of the bonds more than 10 billion yuan in the size of the non-financial enterprises in the 42, the highest risk of debt for the local state-owned enterprises are the 7. Shandong iron and steel, for example, the size of the company in the second half due to 20 billion yuan of bonds. This year, there have been a number of central enterprises and local state-owned bond issuance was canceled, and its credit rating has also been lowered, the market for the solvency of the state-owned enterprises is significantly worse than the default concerns. The State Council Development Research Center of State Enterprise Institute Research Director Xiang Anbo accept the "First Financial Daily" said in an interview, the central enterprises debt risk reflects a current relationship between government and enterprises, to bear more social responsibility and profitability beyond the goal of diversification, such as social stability, security of employment, which leads to a change it is very difficult to cut production, market measures to cope with the market environment. The breach occurred a few years ago, there are a small number of enterprises in the transformation and restructuring, on相关的主题文章: