Chinese sold in Nigeria, chief of staff of the Navy warships arrived to meet Military Channel – led

Chinese sold in Nigeria, chief of staff of the Navy warships arrived to meet the team – Sohu Military Channel text with map: Nigeria offshore CSIC Shipyard Group built patrol ship 2 ship "solidarity", November 4th successfully return to Lagos port. According to the CSIC’s official website news, which lasted 45 days, sailing nearly 12000 miles, following the delivery of "century", built by the Shipyard Group fleet of second offshore patrol vessels "unity" arrived in Nigeria, the largest port city of Lagos in November 4th. Local time at 2 pm, the sea breeze, rippling, "solidarity", ship officers and soldiers neatly lined up in two sides, slowly into the Lagos naval ships. Chief of staff of the navy of Nigeria, led by naval officers, and so on, the Chinese Consul General in Lagos on behalf of China to participate in the welcoming ceremony. Navy chief of staff speech, welcomed the "solidarity" arrived in Nigeria, the Chinese ship officers and security personnel to thank, fully affirmed the performance of the ship voyage. "Unity" Chinese from Jiangsu port of Qidong, across the Taiwan strait into the South Sea, Chinese Malacca Strait, across India ocean, through Cape of Good Hope into the Atlantic, Malaysia, Mauritius, a road in South Africa and other countries, the friendly exchanges and navies. The successful completion of the voyage, showing the ability to build a solid ship ship, in order to further expand the military trade market laid the foundation.相关的主题文章: