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China startups can try convertible bonds financing Sohu technology recently, in the vortex Jia Yueting to re-examine the music system of LeEco rapid expansion of the non-listed company, in a letter "LETV water and fire is engulfed by the waves of the sea, or boiling? In the internal letter, publicly reflect the problems occurred in the development process of LeEco: LeEco rhythm too fast. Music as the first stage of ecological strategy to the main sub business lines, supplemented by platform business. But we all burn, blind pursuit of scale expansion at the same time, the global front suddenly pull too long. Correspondingly, our capital and resources are very limited. A car as a huge upfront investment, has spent about 10000000000 of its own funds, directly lead to lack of my personal LeEco financial support; on the other hand our financing capacity is not strong, single, unreasonable capital structure, external financing scale is difficult to meet the rapidly put a large demand for funds. The result is that we can not concentrate on one point, although you win a game and a battle, opened up a piece of land, but the food supply is not timely, stamina has obvious weakness." Among them, the audience is not easy to understand is "financing ability is not strong" this sentence, if said LETV financing capacity is not strong, may have doubts not only stocks aunt, even entrepreneurial rookie who did not dare to believe, this is Jia Yueting the new generation of Chinese Internet entrepreneur idol true? Let countless entrepreneurs envy is from the mall, mobile phone, music as ecological sports, film to the cloud, which is not in million units of A wheel or B round of financing? Especially the car LETV Jia Yueting announced in September 19, 2016 the first round of financing, although A is round, but the amount of financing has reached 1 billion 80 million dollars, or, a global automotive industry’s first round of financing record, let countless Unicorn target entrepreneurs feel weak burst! Of course, as the auto financing process is full of rumors and twists, 4-5 months of 2016 there was news that LETV cars are on a Pre-A round of financing, the convertible bond financing plan, one of which was widely circulated and still be able to search in the rumours on the Internet financial picture is as follows: the picture of the convertible bond agreement the interest rate (interest rate 12%) and other matters, particularly striking is the conversion right of the text, the basic meaning is within 18 months of successful completion of the A round of financing, creditor’s rights will be A round of discount to shares, investors in subsequent rounds of financing or IPO exit; if within 18 months not qualified A round of financing, the company will in accordance with agreed repurchase interest, and the actual controller shall bear unlimited joint liability guarantee. We were unable to verify the convertible bond financing news is true, but in any case Jia Yueting has announced that LETV car completed a A round of financing, do not worry about the problem has not completed A round of financing repurchase "qualified within 18 months, do not have to worry about the actual controller of the company bear unlimited joint liability may. If Jia Yueting really like media reports in the financing news!相关的主题文章: