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Arts-and-Entertainment It won"t be wrong if we call mobile games as the improved version of traditional video games that needed cumbersome arrangements before one could finally start enjoying them. Thankfully, with the outburst of mobile application technology, people now find it easier to play their favorite game, whether it requires them to tap a fish on the screen, fire advanced laser guns to kill the aliens in the battlefield, solve enigmatic puzzles, or to perform any other striking task. Technology Platforms When it .es to choosing the ripe technology for such mobile games, numerous options keep on doing rounds. While android tops the list of most preferable options in this regard, iOS platform is also considered as a dominant force for game development that could run flawlessly on iPhone, iPad and other similar devices. Additionally, there are cross platform mobile application development methods that leverage the might of trinity-CSS, HTML and JavaScript to do the honors. While the last two options can be utilized without investing much amount, it may cost a bit dreary for developers wishing to use iOS platform. This is for the simple reason that iOS needs licensed framework to get an application developed whereas in case of other domains, the developers are free to customize the open source code which is available free of cost. In any case, the end result is mostly an appealing app or game that attracts potential users instantly. Popularizing the tap fish game However the success of any app cannot be merely estimated by the appealing quotient it ac.panies, albeit, it is the number of downloads that makes it popular. Evidently, much effort is desired to promote it over the web so that you may earn substantially from your app, which is your main motive behind its development; be it an android or iOS game, the one that asks you to tap a fish or the one that indulges you in inquisitive puzzles. Hence, it would be worthwhile knowing important tips on app store optimization, which is nothing but an improved version of search engine optimization. Some important tips Brainstorming for suitable title and keywords for the suggested app would be the foremost step for its promotion. Alluring features, .plemented brilliantly with superior UI/UX design would be a further plus. Updating the app on regular basis is also an important ploy that would help keep the users glued to it. For popularity over search engines, finely written press releases, articles, blogs, forum threads etc., would be of much help. Additionally, there are numerous review sites that serve the sole purpose of reviewing android, iOS and other apps if the later succeeds to entice them. You can submit your game to these sites for review; chances are brighter that most of them publish it on other webpage few days later. Another important point that you can take care is the cost of mobile game. If you upload it over the web free of cost, you are doing no good to your business, instead it would be better if you can offer free introductory levels and charge the users as they move ahead to play higher levels. This not only could maintain credibility of your game but will also help to improve the returns on your investments. The example of tap a fish game is an apt one in this regard. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: