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Business Many would agree that today time has be.e one of the most precious items to waste. People spend most of their days making their living, and try to find some time to relax and enjoy the fruits of his labor. Such activities .plicate life causing stress and lowering the quality of life. Certain time constraints carry over into other areas of peoples lives, especially their personal time for their friends and family. Overtime and extended hours are .mon in most professions, cutting down personal time to enjoy those activities that bring pleasure in their lives. According to the Families and Work Institute, Whole new phrases have entered our vocabularies to describe these feelings – the time crunch, the time bind, the time squeeze, the 24/7 economy and the every time – everyplace workplace. Corporations .pletely recognize and understand the importance of employee recruitment and retention, and employers are implementing initiatives that focus more on balancing work and life. To .pete for the best employees, employers must execute employee services programs. According to a survey by the Employment Policy Foundation released, employees are more likely than ever to consider a benefits package just as heavily as salary when looking at a job change. These initiatives range from corporate concierge services to workplace flexibility options or increased .pensation. From the point of view of corporate personnel, concierge services are seen as a work-life benefit in helping individuals more efficiently manage their time and work. More extensively, studies have shown that concierge services deliver invaluable benefits to the employers as well as the employees. It provides corporations a variety of professional and personal assistance options that can be made accessible to employees through their employee assistance program or human resource division. The stress-reducing services provided by the corporate concierges are: a)Help corporate individuals achieve optimal productivity b)Increase efficiency and reduce the absenteeism c)Upgrade benefit packages for attracting new employees, while .plementing .pensation packages By offering this list of valuable benefits to employees, corporate concierges can lessen personal stressors that make working 40+ hours a week both physically and mentally exhausting. Concierge services, therefore, add value to the corporation, thereby improving employee retention and recruitment! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: