Corps three division, the ten division to enhance entrepreneurial vitality foster innovation soojin

The regiment of the three division, ten division enhance the entrepreneurial activity of   cultivate innovation energy – Xinjiang Channel – October 12th, reporters from the start of 2016 three divisions Tumushuke city public entrepreneurship peoples innovation week ceremony was informed that, as of the end of September, the three division Tumushuke city built entrepreneurship demonstration base 58, a public space, incubator 21. 54 innovative companies, new Small and micro businesses 155, added 26 new cooperatives, individual industrial and commercial households in 1512, 3904 new jobs, the non-public economy accounted for the total economy division city 22.81%. Since last year, the three divisions Tumushuke based on reality, and actively explore, to further improve the business conditions, build a development platform, increase policy support, the "double" work has achieved remarkable results. The three division Tumushuke City Party committee said, will continue to unify their thinking and actions to the deployment of the central and regional party committee, the Corps decision to further strengthen the organization and coordination and overall planning, adhere to reform and innovation, strengthen supervision and propaganda, to ensure that the "double" of the policy measures for entrepreneurship and innovation, open air plant, more convenient and efficient "Easy Access", strive to promote entrepreneurship and innovation achievements into practical productive forces, to make a positive contribution to the realization of division city social stability and the construction of innovative city division, long period of stability. In October 12th, the ten division of Finance Bureau, 2016 to 2018, the ten division Beitun city will arrange an annual 300 million yuan of funds to support the "double", to promote public entrepreneurship peoples innovation. This year, to promote public entrepreneurship peoples innovation, ten divisions Beitun city introduced a number of preferential policies to support in the capital, ten divisions Beitun city established risk fund, out of 90 million yuan for the "double" loan discount, let entrepreneurs worry about. In order to ensure the safe use of funds, the ten division Beitun city established "for the record management system project management" capital expenditures, consciously accept the supervision and inspection discipline inspection and supervision and auditing departments, to ensure safe use of funds. In addition, the ten division Beitun city has also developed a way of innovation and public entrepreneurship peoples work assessment, will be incorporated into the development of a comprehensive evaluation system of various departments and Corps units, the assessment results will serve as an important basis for the selection of typical tree. (Feng Zhengyun   Wen Qixiang (): Hatton Guri (Internship) commissioning editor, Han Ting)相关的主题文章: