Credulity high-yield financial granny Liaoyang cheated 710 thousand (video)

Rely on high yield financial Liaoyang cheated 710 thousand from granny cheated to a woman using family financial fraud trap "Art Company" claimed that the rate of return financial products up to 25%-35%, higher than bank interest rates nearly ten times. Hear the news in the ears, nearly seventy years of Hu Wenya (a pseudonym) Aunt think, the temptation is too great…… She had relatives a total investment of 710 thousand yuan, but a few months, the Art Company will be closed. Recently, Liaoyang County, Liaoyang police successfully cracked the illegal deposits from the public project. A 68 year old woman invested 710 thousand yuan in August 9th, Liaoyang County resident Hu Wenya more than 20 people came to the Liaoyang County Public Security Bureau of economic investigation team report, "set me up, I cast 710 thousand yuan ah, some are borrowed from relatives ah, if the case is not broken, I can’t live!" Hu Wenya recalled that at the end of last year, she barber barber shop in the vicinity of the home, heard the guests said they were in the shop to invest in a financial products, bank interest is more than and 10 times. Those who said no, the listener interested, according to Hu elegant guest said, quickly found the culture art Co. in the first town. In the consultation process, also encountered a familiar person, the answer is: many of the residents of Anshan by the "high return" of the principal financial products get quite reliable results! Hu Wenya from relatives to raise money, plus his savings for many years, a total of 710 thousand yuan, signed a 10 month period of financial contract with the company, the rate of return ranging from 25%-35%. More than 40 people invested more than 450 yuan investigation by police brigade rushed to the Art Company, here already empty. After investigation, the company is from the suspect Lee, a high in October 12, 2015 in Liaoyang County in Guangxi Province registered cultural industry group the identity of the agents to attract investors, with high returns as a gimmick, in the absence of investment qualification case, with 25%-35% high interest investors tricked into the agreement signed by the fiscal period of 10 months after the expiry of the agreement, promised guaranteed security interest. Liaoyang, Anshan, a total of more than 40 people involved in the investment, a total of more than 450 yuan, an average of up to ten million. The police immediately set up a task force to investigate the case. Police learned that all of the Liaoyang branch of the company to the Guangxi group, and the group of Companies in Guangxi has a branch or agency in the country, there are a large number of investors to participate in the country. Because of its funding strand breaks, investors can not return the investment of gold and interest, resulting in a large number of people cheated, has been suspected of violating the crime of illegal deposits from the public. Guangxi police came the news that the group has been the local police suspects to take coercive measures, its subsidiaries and distributors mainly involved after that, fled and destroyed the evidence for this task force investigation work is extremely difficult. Behind the high profits is the high risk group involved more than 30 sort in the bank card transaction records and clues from Guangxi trading platform of hundreds of thousands of electronic data involved in screening the transaction information, mastered the strong evidence of the suspect of crime. Finally, the police force in September 26th this year, Lee surrendered in October 26th.相关的主题文章: