Decryption – fire behind the brutal Gansu troubled Lawrence – Sohu for entertainment industry plants war

Decryption "-" fire behind the brutal Gansu troubled Lawrence – Sohu Hu Bing entertainment fire troubled Lawrence fire Sohu annual fantasy Blockbuster Entertainment News "-" is Hunan TV hit diamond independent radio theater for industry. The story of the big hole in the brain, a line of popular idol star lineup, as well as the impact of the great visual impact, becoming more and more attention and focus of the hot topic of Internet users. The villain BOSS "interpretation of Hu Bing’s fire, evil and violent breathtaking aura dominate the realms of intention ambition extremely crazy play, become one of the biggest highlight of the show. Hu Bing with a very disruptive breakthrough image and accurate mature acting, the interpretation of a race at large industry self sacrifice of the troubled Lawrence image, let the audience to him more hate love. In the "city of fantasy", Hu Bing’s "fire fire clan leader", is the biggest villain, because ambitions and desires, he started the war between the realms. The sinister scheming ruthless and cruel, subtly malicious, in order to achieve the purpose of use unscrupulous divisive tactics even at the expense of children, family life, and more to their own happiness as a bargaining chip. The show aired the first two episodes, he had blood ice clan Wangcheng, the Royal Princess Prince killed most of the audience, brutality "hated teeth itch". But as the "biography" of Yong Zheng Zhen? "," Mi Mi months pass in the classic villain Shu, "Shenbao" is not bad for no reason. Both Yong Zheng and Mi Shu, he (she) are venomous cold-blooded are from the consolidation of imperial status; "-" Hu Bing’s fire, everything is in order to strengthen fire people, make it become the most powerful three races, obtain supreme glory. Is the so-called "who wants to wear a crown must bear the weight, politics is never absolute right or wrong, only a clear win. As the supreme leader of a regime, more important than its own interests is the mission and responsibility of all the people. In front of the whole group, at the highest point of the crown fire, only sacrifice as a husband and father of a political sacrifice the happiness of a family union. In this sense, the role of fire image in the hateful over, let the audience empathy, the more the more love hate. In recent years, Hu Bing has been striking achievements in film and television, the tall and handsome gentleman image of the people, in the "city of fantasy" with exaggerated smoked eye makeup, with a wild long curly hair, put yourself into the role. In the role of Hu Bing in processing, precise understanding of characters’ inner personality, and powerful in acting, from every eye to every gesture will fire stations, bullying, crazy evil hateful personality image was penetrating many classical expressions, it has also been a number of enthusiastic users the interception set expression bag, become a very welcome hot popular favorite.   相关的主题文章: