Documentary photography master Kubota Hiroji photography is the transmission of beauty spyair

Documentary photographer Kubota Hiroji: photography is the title of the original transfer of beauty: Kubota Hiroji, photography is the transmission of the United States "I love beautiful things, in my opinion, photography is a kind of beauty of the transfer, let the pictures have a sublimation of the soul force." As a contemporary Japanese only official photographer Ma Genan, Kubota Hiroji became the contemporary Japanese documentary photography in the new representative of the Tumen after the punch, and as a documentary photographer, his works also has its own unique style, and the Japanese present many photographic artist’s works have a different, very large, they are more modest, more temperature. Born in August 2, 1939 in Japan, Tokyo Kanda a fish taking family, poor living conditions and the Allied raids on the Japanese mainland to the young Kubota Hiroji left the most profound memories, which he later produced a documentary photography profound influence — he refused to shoot the war, conflict, or body, his works express to find out the life experience of the beauty and honor of desire. 1959 – 1960, when Kubota Hiroji was studying politics at Waseda University in Japan, he began to use his father’s camera to record the student protests in Japan, and began to have a strong interest in photography. Eliot, Walter works in 1961 a chance, Waseda reading Kubota Hiroji had the privilege of meeting to three photographer Ma Genan – Rene Bri travel to Japan (René Burri), Eliot (Elliott Erwitt), Walter Bert and Green Kubota Hiroji (Burt Glinn), with its excellent English the ability to become their visit guide, so he and Ecuador waite they forged a profound friendship. In order to thank him, he gave him a Henry (Henri Cartier Bresson) "decisive moment" (The Decisive Moment). The accidental encounter, Kubota Hiroji became one of the most important turning point in life, so that they find their career direction. Years later, when he recalled the time to say:"…… Those people fascinated me, and they gave me the idea of being a photographer……" Kubota Hiroji works in August 1962, graduated from the University of Kubota Hiroji, with the support of Ecuador, he bought a Leica M3 camera and a one-way ticket to New York. After arriving in the United States, he was faced with a series of life problems – he was in urgent need of a job to support themselves, so he had to start doing some catering business, but without exception failed. Fortunately, soon after he met Connell CAPA (Cornell Capa) founder Robert CAPA – Magnum Photo Agency (Robert Capa) brother, with the help of Connell, Kubota Hiroji began to integrate into the Native American life. So he duie Waite, of Connell, of Magnum have always had a very deep emotion: -"…… He became my father (I相关的主题文章: