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Business If you or I received a recorded message on our phone trying to sell us something, we’d be mad and hang up. Right? Wrong! In many cases if they receive the right list, many businesses and consumers want to find out more. Voice broadcasting was used extensively in the 2008 Presidential election by both parties. It was wildly successful! Voice broadcast marketing can be quite effective for you as well if you follow some important rules. The Right List The goal is to call people or businesses that have a good chance of being interested in your product or service. Be sure to get your list from a .pany that allows targeting of homeowners or non-homeowners by zip code for consumer campaigns and businesses by SIC code for business campaigns. Be sure the numbers to call are very inexpensive or even included in your monthly fee as you will be making lots of calls and buying numbers to call can be.e quite expensive. Also, be sure the supplier washes the list of numbers against the "do not call" list and removes those who do not want to be contacted. The Right Type Of Reception Be sure to use a service that allows you to send your broadcast to live calls (calls answered by a live person) or answering machines or both. You will find that certain campaigns do better with one or both types of calls. The Right Time Think about when your prospects will be free to take calls. Experiment a little as small changes mean big differences in success or failure. Most broadcasters feel late afternoon and evenings are best for residential campaigns. Other are quite successful on Saturday mornings. Business campaigns seem to do better in the afternoon and do not do as well on Mondays or Fridays. The Right Caller ID Many people check the caller ID before they answer. Do not use an 800 number as a caller ID as this telegraphs the fact that you are calling from a business. You will get more answers with a nondescript caller ID. The Right Voice When you record your message, we suggest a relaxed and informal message. Make it sound like you are just an acquaintance calling. Do not start with tip offs like "Stand By For An Important Message". This will cause lots of hang ups. Don’t make it sound like you are reading a script or doing a radio .mercial. Make your calls sound conversational. The Right Message Your message should be no longer than 30 seconds. It should get their attention in the first 2 or 3 seconds by being customized. For example, if you are calling Veterinarians, you might start with: "Hello, this is Carl. I know how hard it is for veterinarians to stay in tough with their patients…but we can help.". This make the receiver feel like you have a message just for their industry and makes them much more apt to listen. Keep it simple, just one message. End with something like, "to speak with me personally, press 1 now." I do not suggest telling them your web address. Most people won’t have a pen handy and won’t do the work of finding your site. What Rate Of Success Is Achievable? I have been using voice broadcasting for my business for about 6 months. I average a 1% response. That means 99 out of 100 people hang up. However, it is that 1% who are really interested that I get to speak with, and those are the only ones I want to talk to. My clients all seem to average a 1% response as well. That means that for every 1,000 calls I make (automatically with no work on my part), I get about 10 people to call me. The system I use for voice broadcasting costs about $19.00 to make 1,000 calls, so I get about 10 leads for only $19.00. The best part is it takes almost no work on my part to set up the campaign. It takes about 3 minutes for set up and the system makes my calls. I only speak to those who are interested and that makes selling a breeze. Will voice broadcasting work for you? If you sell a product to consumers or to small businesses, my results say it will. If you are considering voice broadcasting, I hope you find these suggestions helpful. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: