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"Dream home renovation" Designer Director of power remote surgeon challenge "cliff"?? the Oriental TV program "large home improvement renovation Nipponpaint dream home renovation season tenth" third period, will be held on November 1st (Tuesday) 10:00 broadcast. This program came to Lianjiang County in Fujian Province Tai Lu Zhen Bei Jiao Cun, Dong Gong will be the ultimate challenge of designers "most insurance reform", "remote surgeon cliff" to help achieve warm up. ?? "Cliff" wet problems across the sea deep friendship?? the "dream home renovation" Nippon story occurred in Lianjiang County of Fujian Province Tai Lu Zhen Bei Jiao Cun, the principal Chen Youyun is a perennial in the sea captain. Although the sea life has the joy of harvest, but the sea may face many dangers also let the children worry about the safety of his father. ?? And his father Chen Youyun is worried about the home area of more than and 300 square meters, built on the edge of the cliff on the rocks of the house. Because each of the coastal areas of Fujian will usher in many suffering from typhoon and typhoon, standing waves in the destruction of coast Chen home years, the whole house was eroded dilapidated house, the air is very humid. In addition to strengthening and moisture-proof fragile real body needs, there are still serious problems Water Leakage Chen, even buried in the wall inside the wire and therefore can only be installed into the line, there are security risks. Although the sea to the Chen family life bring a lot of trouble, but born in the family of Chen still has a hard feelings. The captain’s family is located in Fujian County, Lianjiang Province, and on the other side of the Strait, there is also a Lianjiang County in Taiwan, where Chen Youyun’s wife’s uncle lives. Every Spring Festival, 89 year old uncle, a dozen people will return to Fujian and Chen family reunion. Although the 99 year old Yang has not remember most of people and things, but he is able to recognize a little of his 10 year old brother, two Lianjiang County, across the sea also witnessed the deep friendship of the two Chen yang. ?? Dong Gongxie Xiao Congzhen remote surgeon   build mianzhaotaihai warm home?? the "dream home renovation" invited to the famous designer Dong Gong, who had numerous seaside library and seaside church design in order to achieve the best effect of his design, brought from Beijing Chinese Construction Science Research Institute deputy chief engineer Xiao Congzhen to grasp the whole building structure. Designer Director of power?? as director of power at work mostly in Beijing, and commissioned by the family position is relatively remote, consult with the director of power Congzhen Shaw decided to remote surgeon, looking for construction in the local construction. For the sake of perfection, demanding director of power not only in before the start of various specifications and construction details and construction team communication and confirmation, more requirements for the construction team like wall brushing, so as to determine the design and Realization of timely adjustment. The construction is difficult?? delightfut across the sea can be perfectly retained? This home on the cliff, can become a safe haven to meet the captain’s father home? Please lock the Oriental TV, November 1st (Tuesday) at 21:35, "Nippon" dream home renovation with you to witness the miracle of the home!相关的主题文章: