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Eat it, can really thin? Sohu and puffs out of the world of darling, did you hear? The fire all over the world every dessert, yes it is lightning!!! Eclair, is a very classic French dessert, with a thick French romantic and palate changing shape, display cabinets in a superb collection of beautiful things of dessert, it is a small Paris fashion dessert show! Legend — Eclair too delicious, let people eat up could not help but quickly finished, like lightning fast; and said, because the surface of the lightning flash bright butter puff, like lightning dazzling, so named. The recipe to puff skin water 50 grams of milk 60 grams of butter and 45 grams of sugar 10 grams 2 grams of salt low powder 80 grams 3 egg sauce 250 grams caska Cream 3 egg 60 grams of sugar gelatine powder, 5 grams of cream cheese 250 grams 15 grams of water and 100 grams of sugar syrup Caramel Cream 200 grams 30 grams of water do slightly up 1 will puff skin milk, water, sugar and salt, butter in the. (be careful not to boil, pour the flour to prevent too dry), sifted flour, mixing. 2 into the mixing liquid egg yolk smooth (a few times), to prepare the 3 egg yolk was not poured, fully mixing, know the blade on the batter in inverted triangle shape. The 3 pan spread good foil, will be a good dough in the pastry bag and squeeze into the same (if the ending will have tails, with water level can). 4 according to the circumstances of the oven can be adjusted, the proposed 170 degrees, the middle, from 30 to 45 minutes on the OK. 1 egg yolk sauce caska sugar mixer. 2 pour the powder into the cream and boil. 3 the steps of the 1 egg yolk and milk paste paste together, with the egg mixer fully mixed, mixed evenly on the fire on the boil, stirring constantly, until the sticky into the refrigerator. 4 cream cheese water mixer will be fine, frozen egg cream sauce and make fine cream cheese sauce mix, caska OK. Caramel syrup 1 powdered sugar and egg white, lemon juice whisk. Caska sauce sauce 1 will squeeze into the piping bag, with a knife to cut the skin into the sauce caska puff. This cute Eclair is done according to personal taste can brush a layer of syrup, sprinkle with some lovely color needle.      相关的主题文章: