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Software Performance appraisal is one human resource activity that happens based on the employees direct inputs. In all motives a performance appraisal process can either turn out to be a party or disaster if not executed properly, there are possibilities it can have severe negative impact on the employees of the particular organization. To perform a fair performance appraisal process, performance appraisal software helps in offering solutions to make every performance appraisal a non-biased and an initiation for employees to understand the areas where they are lagging and respective training for them to over.e the short .es they faced that particular year. Performance Appraisal is important for both management and employees in an organization. It is important for management because based on this periodic review the top officials get to know about the status and standard of their employees. This will help them to plan and strategize and also make proactive decisions for the future. Performance appraisal is very important for employees because this forms as a medium where the employees skills and efforts are brought into the notice of their officials in top hierarchy. Every employee expects recognition and in turn right remuneration for the hard work and the efforts they have toiled for the particular organization. For the above process to be fair, a paper and pen work will not satisfy the criteria of being error free and bias free. Performance Management software will help in satisfying the organization needs according to the firms business flow. An appraisal could be yearly, half yearly or quarterly, so based on that the appraisal questions will be tailored. Each and every time giving questionnaire to all employees in paper format will lead to a lot of errors. A web based system with customizable questionnaire templates. These templates not only .puterize the entire process but also keep the past history and stores in a robust database for the future use. This procedure of using performance management system directs to an augment in Organizational overheads due to the hiring and also providing training and development overheads related with new joiners and freshers. Researchers have confirmed that a huge number of dissatisfied employees quitting their current organization because of unhappy appraisal results. Instead, when workforce distinguish a particular appraisal as fair appraisal when it is carried out by a .puterized system. Efficient performance appraisal helps tan .anization to ascertain a reasonable pay-for-performance .anization during the calculation of remuneration process based on the performance as an individual or while being in a team. This will also encourages the workforce to be the part of the .anization for a longer period. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: