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UnCategorized Enough has been said and written about how globalization has shrunk the world and dissolved international boundaries. Half a century back, settling in China would have been unthinkable for an Indian citizen. Today, there are more than half a million Indians who have settled in various parts of China owing to their jobs and businesses. At the outset, all this may sound fun. Learning a new language, getting accustomed to new cultures and above all, meeting new people. But when you delve a bit deeper, the not-so colorful world of legal documents, certificates in the native language, problems arising out of a foreign language etc come to the forefront. Let us look at some of the most important certificates that will require a translation to the native language. Birth certificate, since it is mandatory for citizenship Visa Passport Embassy documents Driving license Marriage certificates Death certificates Immigration documents Partnership deeds Any certificates that can identify you. So, you need to start searching for reliable translation services as soon as you consider moving to a foreign country. The thing about certificate translation is that it cannot be done just by anyone who is a linguistic expert. They need to be performed by a certified translation agency which employs translators who are certified in the language in question. If you get in touch with any embassy, you will get to know that a big chunk of applications gets rejected because of some error in the translated documents which could have been avoided if they opted for a certified translation agency. Finding a reliable translation agency So how do you avoid making such mistakes? Where do you find reliable translation agencies for certificate translation or translation of legal, government documents, bank statements etc? Well, you could start with the web. You will find a lot of translation services which offer you accurate legal and certificate translation. But before you go ahead and finalize one, you need to conduct a thorough background check on the service provider. This is of utmost importance due to the high importance attached to translated certificates. Even the slightest of errors or dubiety has the potential to escalate to a legal suit. So what are the things to look for in a translation agency before entrusting them with your order? Make sure they employ certified translators Convey your turn-around-time requirements Request a sample work where they can translate a generic certificate Check their client list Look for reviews on the web. Request a quote Lyric Labs offers accurate, reliable and affordable certificate translation services for any legal documents including, but not limited to death/birth certificates, bank statements, embassy documents, government papers etc. We have been doing this for well over a decade and have an impressive list of clientele to attest to this fact. Request for a quote today at .translators…sg ! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: