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[O’reilly] Forbes Conference on artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence LeCun interpretation of the 12 pain points – 1 new technology Sohu Zhi Yuan compiled Author: Gll Press source: Forbes compiler: Ferguson Liu Xiaoqin new Zhi Yuan to start a new round of recruitment: COO, executive editor, senior editor, compiler, editor, director, manager, customer Consulting Director, executive assistant in 9 position overall opening. Resume: jobs@aiera HR WeChat: new Zhi Yuan COO and executive editor of the highest salary offer over 1 million; to provide the most complete training system, higher than the industry average wages and bonuses for the backbone of the staff. Join the new wisdom yuan, and artificial intelligence industry leaders to join hands to change the world. [introduction] now new Zhi Yuan artificial intelligence development in the end what state which is facing difficulties, the future development potential? Gll, an industry expert at O’s Reilly Artificial Intelligence Conference, brought his 12 observations. He extracted mainly from the viewpoint of Peter Norvig, Yann LeCun and other top experts in artificial intelligence, in addition, executives and experts from Microsoft, NVIDIA and Alan artificial intelligence research institute. Includes 12 observations: AI is a black box; AI has high technical difficulty; unmanned vehicle may make driving into a person’s hobby; AI should consider the culture and background — influence of training learning; AI will not replace all the work; AI does not make the human extinction; AI is not magic, deep learning is very useful, but limited AI; is to enhance the intelligence, with strong human and machine at the same time; the AI changed the way we interact with computers; AI requires more intelligent test, the Turing test is not enough; Churchill’s view of the AI; the development of materialist paradigm in vain pursuit of human level intelligence may hinder AI. This year’s "O Reilly Artificial Intelligence Conference, 66 AI practitioners in 39 institutions AI present development situations are introduced: from chat robot to deep learning, and then to the automatic technology and emotion recognition, and hinder the work automation and AI progress, and even save lives and business opportunities and other topics are involved. The meeting was held by Peter Norvig and Tim O ‘as the chairman of the program committee’ Reilly. The following is a participant Gll Press participant observation. Gll Press is a managing partner of a consulting firm, Forbes. This article is in his "O Reilly artificial intelligence conference summary, refine 12 on the current observation, AI industry, for example, black box problem, in which the limitations of deep learning, the problem of human-computer interaction, AI and so on in winter. AI 1 is a black box: crack method of trust-but-verify research director Google PeterNorvig said, "in contrast with traditional software, machine learning is not the production code, and more like.相关的主题文章: