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Brazil’s former president Lula: if his corruption will cut off the feet of the central broadcasting network – Sohu news September 16th quoted China the voice of "news" reported that the Brazil local time, 14 night, Brazil federal public department released a 149 page report against the accused, former president Lula is in the "Brazil oil company corruption" the biggest beneficiaries and behind the commander. Lula has been accused of benefiting from a three contract with Brazil oil company and its construction contractor, Real, of about $3 million 700 thousand, or about $8 million 100 thousand". Brazil Brazil President Lula this month on the "politics" can be said to be very peaceful, forefoot female president Rousseff has just been impeached, the rear speaker Cunha because corruption has also been suspended, the thought of this "political storm" will officially come to an end, but did not expect the Brazil federal procuratorate No. 14 out again a blockbuster". They accused the former president Lula, who was deeply loved by the people in Brazil, with "passive corruption", "forged documents" and "money laundering". Prosecutors will be referred to as the biggest beneficiaries of the Brazil oil company corruption case and behind the scenes commander Lula. Together with the accused and the wife of Lula Lula, Leticia Marika? Institute Paul? And suspected of moto Oka, Lula bribery aoyasi company executives. Responsible for investigating the case, federal prosecutors said in a press conference held on the same day, several executives Ollas construction company alleged in the period from 2006 to 2012, from the three contract with the Brazil oil company illegal profits of up to 87 million 600 thousand Real about 280 million yuan, of which 3 million 700 thousand Real is about 8 million 100 thousand the renminbi was given to former president Lula as "commissions". According to the prosecution’s investigation results show that most of the money in the city is located in the state of St Paul Binhai Guaruja a three storey penthouse apartment was washed, Ollas construction company have to Lula this three storey apartment was extremely "luxury" free decoration. Prosecutors believe that the sum shall be deemed to pay bribes to obtain aoyasi Pakistan oil contract construction company. Lula was informed that he was accused of the news said very angry, but he also said that in the "expected", he thought it was to continue for the Labour Party "coup", aimed at obstructing his 2018 "as a candidate for president", a rally held in St Paul today, Lula made a public speech. Once again refuted the allegations against him, he said he and his successor, her government has been advocating the fight against corruption, he is a "zero tolerance" attitude towards corruption, if this thing is true, he will cut off the feet. During the entire speech, Lula choked several times, but he said that if the prosecution investigation in the case, he will be ready. Lula has previously said that he is not mentioned the apartment owner, but prosecutors insist that Lula actually owns the apartment, and said they were holding a couple of pictures of the inspection results of decoration. At present, the prosecution has not yet decided whether or not to prosecute Lula, but do not rule out his pre -相关的主题文章: