Fraud Gang fake funeral car 7 months cheat smoke about 100000 (video) isobuster

Fraud Gang fake funeral car 7 months to cheat about 100000 police telephone fraud smoke wit earned 50 yuan bill liar they’re in the funeral procession, two boxes of cigarettes for defrauding families after slipping away, turn again into another funeral procession of deception…… Benxi police said, the day before they destroyed the active in Benxi City funeral center fraud gang. In 7 months time, the gang fraud amount has more than 100 thousand yuan. In September this year, Benxi police received the masses in Benxi City funeral center, there is always a group of people driving into the mourning family funeral procession, to thank the families of the driver for cigarettes. "101" Benxi Fanpa brigade immediately arrange of police investigation, because the site personnel mobility, cheated some fundamental knowledge, some mourning families even found, due to busy funeral did not hold, it is difficult to survey. To this end, the police every day as early as 4 pm arrived at the funeral, casual investigation Mopai suspicious vehicles more than and 10, and camera equipment recorded these vehicles, video display: these vehicles early every day hiding in the funeral center outside the hospital, such as mourning families to the door when the vehicle is in the funeral reception, in the team, posing as a funeral vehicle, get a cigarette after slipping away, to a quiet place for a vehicle license plate, change the coat, go back to the center of a repeat of the funeral. In order to get more evidence, the police repeatedly adjust the surrounding monitoring equipment to obtain the best video effects, and ultimately determine the 13 cars have a major crime suspects, and some cars simply pick the car license parked in the vicinity of the funeral center. In November 1st, the police decided to close the net in access to sufficient evidence, more than 30 police divided into 3 arrest team at the same time it arrested 6 suspects, seized 7 vehicles involved in Taiwan, mobile phone crime with fake license 21, 8 criminal department, more than and 70 boxes of cigarettes seized. The police, there are more than and 10 people in the fraud Gang, with Yuanmou led by WeChat group, from the beginning of April this year to cheat. Suspects Yuanmou confessed, cheat cigarettes were concentrated into shops for cash, but they have lost time, to get compensation. Second days and then commit the crime, did not expect to be arrested by the police. Police: don’t underestimate this little box two reception smoke, generally 25 yuan a box, running two laps is 100 yuan, one month down, there are 3000 yuan for. The yuan has been confirmed by the equivalent of a fool’s cigarettes on the yuan more than 100 thousand yuan. Now Yuanmou, Lin, Yang, Wang and others have jingfangxingju, mengmou illness was released on bail according to law, the police are going to hunt other fugitive suspects.相关的主题文章: