Fraud Gang to sell more than 1000 elderly health care drugs 3344111

More than 1000 people to the fraud Gang selling health medicine million profit JINGWAH Times News (reporter Zhang Sijia) as the hospital hospital leaders call Zuozhen, reimbursement of medical expenses, the person that return posing as a courier delivery door, recently, a special implementation of telephone sales for the elderly health care fraud Gang arrested by Fangshan police, organizers Wang Gang a total of 19 members of the gang and criminal detention by Fangshan police on suspicion of fraud. In October 27th, the Fangshan police received the alarm call Mr. Qiu, because of their own to buy health care products cheated 670 thousand. "The other side told me that he was the deputy director of the city’s top three hospitals, eat this health care products can cure my disease". Mr. Qiu told the police reflect, in January this year, Mr. Qiu saw an advertisement in the treatment of diabetes, telephoned to consult. After that, someone claiming to be a hospital of Beijing Zhou Dean, Dean Wang, Mr. Qiu to sell health care drugs through the phone as long as Mr. Qiu Zuozhen, also promised to reach a certain amount of purchase, you can return the medical expenses according to a certain proportion. Mr. Qiu buy the health care products for gospel truth, to borrow money from relatives and friends, spent a total of RMB 67 yuan. After spending money to go out, the other did not return to the medical expenses, Mr. Qiu realized that he might be cheated, so the alarm. "Health care products are the victim to purchase by express delivery, every time is cash on delivery way". Police investigators, in previous work, the police found that sent health products for express a single number of courier companies, but the courier form is very simple, after verification with a number of courier companies, the police determined all express orders were forged, and not a courier company formal documents. Get this important clue, the police made a preliminary judgment, to send health care products Qiu courier is likely to be a fraud gang members. In November 4th 11, fraud gang members once again came to the victim Mr. Qiu home for their delivery, the ad hoc group ahead of the deployment of police in Liangxiang, West Street within the district where the victim of two fraud gang members Wang, Wu arrested. According to the two account, they disguised as couriers responsible for delivery, the company is located in Tongzhou District, usually the main business is to sell health care products called fraud. 4, 17, the task force rushed to the Beijing city Tongzhou District Guiyou Wang Mouna and arrested all 19 suspects, the police seized the computer more than 30 units, more than 30 telephone fraud, and special operation if single. According to the fraud Gang organizer Wang Mouna account, in the gang, she is mainly responsible for the supply and management of funds, another organizer Yang is responsible for personnel management, the remaining 17 responsible for telephone sales and delivery. The gang officers posing as Beijing hospital doctors, claiming to be a professor and director of the new center for health assistance, through the purchase of patient information, call patients, by sending health care books free return to scam. Wang Mouna suspects confessed that since March this year, they have been selling health medicine to more than 1000 elderly people, earning more than 1 million 200 thousand yuan, the cost of health care medicine prices in dozens of pieces usually over seven or eight times to sell hundreds of dollars, and promised refund but no cash.相关的主题文章: