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Meditation Be it as simple as tea, coffee or as deadly as alcohol or drug, a person could be.e addicted to any of these things. Though, addiction doesnt happen overnight, it takes over your life. The roots of addiction take shape in the mind and then take over the body. However, if you wish to solve your addiction problem, you got to confront it head-on. Addiction is a discouraging situation which has a distressing effect on the person. An addict lazy and idle as he loses his ability to focus on the personal as well as professional front of his life. So, to bring back the life of an addict to track, professional help without delay should be provided. Only when a person feels empty from within, does he/ she feel inclined to fill up the void with external things like drugs, alcohol etc. Addiction annihilates the will power of the person disabling the person from taking decision of his own life. This causes depression and anxiety which can take charge of your life if not controlled. Only when the inner void is filled with love, peace, respect and spirituality, there is no dependence on external things. Though, professional help is required to bring back addicts from the dungeons of addiction, yet many a times even after detoxification, patients may suffer from a relapse and mood swings. In fact, this phase could be an emotional roller coaster ride for those undergoing treatment or therapy in a rehab center. Meditation can be a very useful way to over.e the controlling reactions that occur in your mind during drug withdrawal. Unlike modern medicines, meditation does not create any harmful side effects. In fact, it makes the patient mentally strong so that he could take right decision to quit drug addiction. Regular sessions of meditation and yoga coupled with love and support of friends and family can help the addict through this difficult phase of life. Meditation requires patience as well as practice. Unless you learn to train your thoughts, you cannot develop the will power to quit addiction. By practicing breathing meditation as often as you can, one can find oneself sliding into a peaceful state of mind. Addiction is something you cannot cure simply by medication or therapy. It requires to be fought with great inner will power and strength. In fact, with strong will power and continued support from family and friends, an addict can get rid of his addiction. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: