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Jewelry-Diamonds For any little girl or woman receiving a charm bracelet is a rite of passage. It is a special experience that means she will now have her very own way to mark all the special occasions of life. Whether it is the performance in a school play or winning a .petition, adding charms to her charm bracelet is a very special way to mark the passage of time. Its no wonder, really, that charms hold such a special place in the hearts of so many women. The giving of charms goes back as far as prehistoric times when carrying unusual rocks or wood were thought to ward off evil spirits. Creating charm jewelry from precious metals is thought to go back as far as Egyptian times. The tradition carried through to Roman times and has evolved somewhat through every historical period. Charms have been a favorite of monarchs and queens. During war times soldiers brought back charms for their sweetheart from the places they had traveled. And so the tradition continues today. Charms are a special gift given to special people to create a remembrance of a time or place. Every era, from the rockin 50s to the daring disco days has put its own imprint on the design of charms. Today, many of the charms from days past have be.e collectors items. It is no different today. Our own era is creating its own charms. In fact, there are literally hundreds of charms available in both traditional retail outlets such as department stores, in jewelry and specialty stores and online. No matter what type of event or occasion you would like to .memorate, you can find beautiful gold charms and sterling silver charms. You are not limited to the charms that normally .e to mind either. Pandora charms provide a whole new dimension in enabling us to take a snapshot of our interests. The Pandora system allows for charms to twirl about in time with your arm movements. This enables the charms to catch the light and offer a special shining allusion. Among the most popular charms both gold and silver charms are good luck charms. These are normally four leaf clovers or horseshoes but can be whatever charm you believe represents good luck. You can also find special occasion charms that represent any special day from birth day to the birth of your first baby. Whether you choose silver charms or gold charms you cant go wrong. For someone just starting out a silver charm bracelet with a starter set of special charms makes a great gift. You have a wide variety of rope and chain bracelets to choose from and are sure to find the perfect selection for any tastes. For the best selection of charms the Internet is a great source. You have access to charm suppliers from around the world. There is no better way to find a unique and special charm or charm bracelet than to search the web. Shop from the .fort of your own home and have your selections delivered direct to your door or to the person who is lucky enough to be receiving the gift. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: