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Fashion-Style Days are gone when brides had to hide their bodily beauty quite elaborately on the day of their wedding floor long gowns, long sleeves, lace in several layers and even the face had to be covered and unveiled by the groom. As the moral attitudes and fashion have changed over time, innovations have found acceptance. Modern brides would like rather simple, but well tailored, tea-length dresses for their wedding. Tea-length dresses are accepted even by very conventional parents. The expression correspond to the older expression of princess length (a bit lower than mid-calf length) dress. The sleeves, nonetheless, has another advantage; they can discard the need for a supplementary cover like a stole or a jacket. Tea-length dresses with sleeves are however, more difficult to adjust to the body shape of the bride than the strapless or sleeveless ones with a bodice. But, these dress require need proper tailoring. The first and foremost advantage of the tea-length dress is that it can be re-used after the wedding if dyed for .mon use according to the brides liking or need. It is easier to transform a tea-length dress from bridal wear to party wear unlike the conventional long and elaborate gowns and veils with train. The second advantage is that the selection of fabric is much wider than the conventional white silk or satin. Nowadays even synthetic materials are accepted and used for such occasions. The tea-length dress is definitely more re-usable for the bridesmaids after the wedding. Teal-length dress goes extremely well with a wide variety of accessories like shoes, bag, headgear (large or small hats or hair decorations) and jewellery. The tea-length outfits also allows more detailed tailoring like draping, fabric .binations, sleeve length, buttons and a vast variety of embroidery. Not all women have perfect upper arms (after a certain age), and adding sleeves can put out-of-sight eventual imperfections. The same goes for the leg and bottom shapes. Not all have the perfectly rounded knees or firm calves. Tea-length dresses also do away with the view of such imperfect knees and calves. In autumn and winter, it is definitely more .fortable to use a tea-length dress with sleeves – either short, half or full length. Tea-length dresses also allows for more fantasy in the selection of fabric and design – printed or woven. They are easier to wear for both pregnant and less young women. Tea-length has far larger scope for following the fashion trends than the long gowns. Tea-length dresses are also easier to accessorize with a variety of costume jewellery, whereas long gowns usually require more refined items to gain impact. Throughout modern time the hem-length has gone up and down according to the mood of the fashion moguls. The hem-length suiting most women has, definitely, been the tea-length and the sleeves can even enhance the overall view of a dress or an ensemble. A tea-length dress can, along with a variety of neck lines and sleeves, enhance the beauty of a chest and neck so that they be.e the focal point instead of large hips or tights. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: