Golden Week national good public order and criminal class police sentiment fell 18%- haywire

Golden Week national good public order criminal police intelligence category fell 18%- Beijing public security organs careful arrangements during the National Day Festival people go all out to ensure that the national social stability and good public order of national road traffic accidents, the number of fires and the criminal police intelligence down 2.6%, 9.8% and 18.7% 1448 large-scale activities safe and orderly legal network in Beijing on October 7th reporter Cai Changchun during the National Day holiday, the national public security organs conscientiously implement the Ministry of public security requirements, the entire police mobilization, go all out, to strengthen the comprehensive implementation of holiday security measures, to ensure that the festival good during the national social stability, law and order. As of 7 May 19, security across the country large-scale festivals and orderly, road traffic accidents, the number of fires and criminal police intelligence decreased, civil aviation, railway transportation safe and orderly, the major scenic spots in good order, to ensure that the masses of the national day of peace. This year’s National Day travel personnel, large-scale festivals, motor vehicle traffic has increased significantly, the arduous task of security. The public security ministry attaches great importance to the work of the national security, State Councilor and Minister of public security Guo Shengkun to study the deployment of several requirements, the national public security organs in-depth study and implement the important instructions of the central leading comrades instructions, with more practical style, higher standards, more stringent responsibility, fully grasp the national security stability work measures, and during the festival, the whole in the Ministry of public security to strengthen overall command. Party members of the Ministry of public security management duties, the daily dispatch, to strengthen guidance and coordination of the security work. The public security organs in accordance with the Ministry of public security requirements, the full implementation of the security prevention and control measures, strictly implement the leadership responsibility, job responsibility, and carry out the security work, to maintain social stability and people travel safety. The police stick to their posts, perform their duties of loyalty, with their own hard work and sweat to protect thousands of peace. During the festival, the public security organs carefully developed security program to increase police into focus on the social aspects of crime prevention and control, large-scale activities and scenic security, key positions, places of safety and prevention work, strengthen the patrol prevention and control of the downtown district, park, transportation hubs and other key areas, part of the effort to eliminate all kinds of security and public safety hidden danger. Beijing, Shanxi, Liaoning, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Shandong, Guangdong and other more than 20 provinces and city police every day into the tens of thousands of police, security and community organization wide masses, "red marks" and other groups to strengthen the social patrol control. Shenyang, Wuhan, Guangzhou and other places to further strengthen the subway bus station security guards and security checks. During the festival, the 1448 major events held throughout the safe and orderly manner, the country has a good public order, criminal class police sentiment fell by 18.7%. The national trunk road network has always been in a high position, some large and medium cities around the road and some highway traffic pressure. Based on the Ministry of public security before the special deployment, during the festival held a video conference, timely coordination of key sections and the travel of the masses, return key.相关的主题文章: