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Finance It will be no surprise to hear that the best forex trading systems are the ones that generate in.e! The issue is simply how you can identify which ones those are, and in particular, how you can decide which program will be greatest for an individual trader, i.e. you. First let’s rule out some methods that never make money for anybody, at least not in the lengthy term. These are the kind of systems that gamblers sometimes call loss recovery methods. They involve varying the risk according to whether the last .merce won or lost. The idea is that if your last .merce lost, then your next is much more likely to win, so you take a bigger position. However this concept is .pletely wrong. Statistics disprove it every time. Gamblers lose their shirts on these systems and it would be crazy for a forex trader to make use of a system like that. So with that rant out from the way, let’s look at how you can identify a lucrative system. To do that we will introduce the concept of edge. Edge will be the measure of a system’s returns over a period of time. It is really a simple calculation but you do need a reasonable variety of results to measure it from. Back again testing is really a good method to get those results. Demo testing is even better because it’s closer to the genuine scenario, but it can take a lengthy time to collect enough from demo testing so most individuals use back tests which are quicker. Edge is merely the probability of a win multiplied by the typical revenue on the winning trade, minus the probability of a loss multiplied by the typical loss on a losing .merce. Results are calculated after subtracting the spread and any other per .merce costs. So if we take a scalping system that makes an typical of twenty pips on the profitable trade and loses an average 30 pips on the losing trade, with 80% of its trades being profitable and only 20% losses, this will be the edge for this program: Edge = (80% x twenty pips) – (20% x 30 pips) = ten pips That could be a lucrative system and a good one to make use of if you were interested in a scalper. Nevertheless, you may find a extremely different kind of system that had results that were just as great. For example, you may .e across a program that worked the opposite way, with a lot of little losses, say 60% losses of ten pips every time, and then some larger gains, making say 40 pips average profit on successful trades. For this program, Edge = (40% x forty) – (60% x 10) = 10 pips So these two very various systems have exactly the same results, and also the decision on which was the very best forex trading system for you would be entirely dependent on your trading style. A good way to check this out could be to operate both methods in a demo account, say for one month every. At the end from the month you could analyze the theoretical results from a back test over the month to see how your own varied from the back again tests. This would give you an idea of how productive you would be operating that program for genuine. .paring with back again test results for the same period would prevent you from throwing out a system just because it happened to have a poor month. This might be a useful .parison when selecting the very best forex trading program from a variety of systems that are lucrative in theory. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: