Guangzhou police counterfeit leadership fraud and renovation of three steps to

Guangzhou police: counterfeit leadership fraud and there are three steps to deceive the Guangzhou police fraud: fraud and fraud of the leadership of the leadership of the renovation has been divided into three steps

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cheat fake leadership financial transfers released by Guangzhou police anti fraud alert

(correspondent: Zhang Yitao Li Xiuhua Zeng Yi) Information Office of Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau today (September 30th) announced recently, criminals for the financial staff and under the leadership of scams and its renovation, exploit the financial management system of individual units, individual financial staff awareness is not strong, not in place to perform their duties, by sending urgent transfer of SMS fraud, financial personnel will induce units of public funds into the account designated by the criminals. Police advise that the relevant units of the staff should be fully aware of such scams, improve the ability to prevent, strictly enforce the financial management system, to ensure that the transfer of remittances must perform verification procedures to avoid property damage.

The specific implementation techniques of

this type of fraud is the first step, the criminals to the boss of the company or the leading mobile phone implanted trojan virus, mobile phone mail list after obtaining bulk SMS to a contact, the owner claimed is replaced with a new mobile phone number, it will induce the criminals number saved for the company boss or leader number. The second step, using the call transfer function, the automatic telephone switching of criminals to the boss or leader of the real numbers, when the telephone call back, is the boss or leader to answer, eliminate the alert. The third step, the content of the message for the boss or leader of using a mobile phone Trojan program, once found ready to ride the airplane to temporarily shut down the mobile phone, it took the opportunity to send SMS financial personnel or subordinate remittance requirements.

according to the Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau – Telecommunications fraud center statistics, September 1st to 23 reported cases of police intelligence fraud through direct dial telephone, QQ hacking, sending trojan virus in various ways such as posing as leaders of 91 cases, including 79 cases of telephone fraud, 1 SMS fraud cases, 11 cases of network fraud, cheated total amount 1 million 860 thousand yuan.

telephone fraud

identity fraudsters fake victim unit leadership, company boss and other personnel to call the victim, and with a serious, mysterious tone asked the victim "to my office, then to assist the business to borrow money urgently, gifts, as an excuse to take advantage of the victim has the superior" things not ask ", asked the victim to the designated bank account transfer, thus being cheated.


case: in September 1st 16, the victim received Mr. Guan posing as the leadership to send packets after the call, at the bank counter cash deposit to the other designated bank account, cheated 1500 yuan.

Guangzhou City Public Security Bureau anti Telecom fraud center reminder:

received claiming to be a leader, the boss of a strange phone, to stay awake, to verify the identity of each other, do not believe.

SMS fraud

a, send the change number SMS type