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A business manager – Hainan 7 years of bribery Beijing 8 national staff in Haikou September 17th – Xinhua (reporter Fu Yongtao) reporter 17 from Hainan Province, the first intermediate people’s court was informed that the legal representative Yang Changwu Hainan Qionghai bihaitian industry limited company to seek illegitimate interests, bribery has 8 national staff, and two officials of relatives to pay for travel expenses, the court of first instance to bribery sentenced Yang Changwu to 10 years 6 months. Court examined, from 2008 to 2015, Yang Changwu for the construction of the project, repeatedly giving help to provide 8 national staff property totaling 3 million 250 thousand yuan, HK $700 thousand, $10 thousand and 94 thousand yuan worth of watches, and two national staff relatives pay travel, accommodation and medical care, a total of 548 thousand and 78 yuan ticket. Yang Changwu 7 years "hunt" the 8 national staff, including the Deputy Secretary of the Qionghai Municipal Committee Chen Liexiong, vice mayor of Qionghai, Xing Yuanfei, Zhu Yunyan et al., a public bribery series of corruption cases in Qionghai city "". 2009, the two phase of low-cost housing project in Qionghai open tender, the project owner for the Qionghai municipal housing authority. Yang Changwu found in charge of the project of Qionghai City Vice Mayor Zhu Yunyan requested to undertake this project, Zhu Yunyan, director of the Qionghai Municipal Housing Authority directly accountable for Chen Wu, winning the final project in 1, 2, 3 residential building construction. In 2014, Qionghai city Shiling to Yangjiang Zhen Li Cun test road engineering project bidding, Yang Changwu found Qionghai City Vice Mayor Xing Yuanfei for help, after the project successful, gave Xing Yuanfei 400 thousand yuan and a OMEGA watch. In addition, Yang Changwu also pay for official relatives travel. To thank the Qionghai Municipal Committee, Minister of Propaganda Department of Chen Dazhao’s help, Yang Changwu has given 100 thousand Hong Kong dollars and $for the 10 thousand. From May 2012 to December 2014, Chen Dazhao’s wife Lin Xiaochun visited the hospital, Yang Changwu Lin Xiaochun paid a total hospitalization expenses of 188 thousand yuan, 2978 yuan accommodation and tickets for 29 thousand and 370 yuan. From October 2011 to April 2014, Yang Changwu also took the relatives of Lin Xiaochun and other people to the United Arab Emirates, Japan and other countries to travel, and for the cost of travel expenses, such as the 181 thousand and 270 yuan to pay for the yuan, such as the Chinese people’s Republic of China, the people’s Republic of China and other countries, such as the Chinese people’s Republic of China and other countries, such as the to pay more than RMB yuan. The court held that Yang Changwu voluntarily pleaded guilty, and actively cooperate with the authorities handling work, has voluntarily surrendered themselves, according to the law can be given a lighter or mitigated punishment, made the first instance judgment.相关的主题文章: