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Harbin concrete factory was forced to go to primary school environmental protection bureau: procedures – Sohu press Ning commercial concrete hospital muck, outside the hospital is a private house. Those who broke the news for the school and residential areas so close, I do not know how to approve the concrete factory." In October 31st, Heilongjiang Harbin Jiangong village Shuangcheng District villagers to surging news () complained that the house opposite Haoning tens of meters outside the concrete manufacturing company limited production for many years, "forced out" of a primary school, to the life of the residents has a great impact to the environmental protection department, they have repeatedly complained to no avail. Shuangcheng District Board of education staff confirmed that the primary school students have moved out, but also the reasons for the pollution of the concrete company. In November 1st, the director of the office of the Shuangcheng District Environmental Protection Bureau to surging news that the concrete Haoning Manufacturing Co., the EIA procedures, but did not take the approval process. Shuangcheng District Environmental Protection Bureau, said Zu Guiqiao, director of the environmental monitoring unit is handling the matter. Then he stopped answering the phone. He sent to the surging news captain phone, as of press time, has been in a shutdown state. Bureau of Education: primary school to move out of the cause of pollution, a number of complaints, but no one tube." In October 31st, all the villagers Guo uncle said, Haoning Concrete Manufacturing Co. Ltd was built six or seven years, covering dozens of acres, from his home just across the street. Every day there is a car out of the concrete factory, rolled up the dust to the roof, windows are gray, even the schools are forced to go". The picture sent to residents in the vicinity of the concrete factory, a company outside the gates of shuzhuo "Haoning commercial concrete" signs, the next one is the yard construction, construction of kindergarten primary school. Shooting in the primary school gate photo shows the concrete factory cement tank and the school is only separated by a wall in front of the school gate side of the road, is full of concrete waste spilled. While taking concrete materials in the hospital Haoning heap, no cover.相关的主题文章: