Harbin focus on remediation of Gai 17 people in 13 people – Beijing occupation beggars jodie foster

Harbin focus on remediation of "Gai": 17 people in 13 people is the occupation beggar Beijing life – News reporter reported in October 9th 8 from the City Civil Affairs Bureau was informed that from now on, Harbin will focus on remediation of urban street occupation beggars on the streets, roads and tourist attractions, bustling commercial district, City Square, Gaestgiveriet Hotel surrounding and other key areas of occupation begging crackdown. According to reports, National Day, Harbin Civil Affairs Bureau in conjunction with the Harbin public security detachment, on the road of friendship, Shangzhi street, one hundred, the new train station, the Red Army Street, Qiulin etc. vagrants and beggars in the relatively concentrated area of street patrol, after 5 days of inspections were found begging personnel 17 people, including 13 people occupation beggars. According to Harbin relief management station responsible person, as of early October, Harbin has relief begging personnel more than 7 thousand people, according to the regulations, refused to accept the assistance or refusing to leave the beggars register, and reported to the regional public security, urban management department, by the local public security, urban management department according to the division of their respective duties, implement and manage the disposal. The special "nail households" occupation beggars, civil affairs, public security, urban management by the departments and street joint law enforcement disposal. To accept the assistance of the household registration for Harbin occupation beggars, will directly and domicile Civil Affairs Bureau, the office of the streets, community and family escort, docking, placement. (Yu Haixia)相关的主题文章: