Hefei subway will add eight lines of construction scale of about 247.5 km winflash

Hefei metro line eight will be added in the construction scale of about 247.5 kilometers according to the news, the future, Changfeng residents think of Chaohu, is expected to quickly arrive on Metro Line 8, as a new round of planning in the city at the northern end of the line, or will fill the blank of the county without direct access to the subway. From the city Orbital Corporation was informed that the Hefei urban rail transit construction plan (2018~2025) recently ushered in the environmental impact assessment publicity, the number of new rail transit line officially opened. The new layout of the general layout of the Hefei Metro layout of the general layout of the Hefei urban rail transit construction plan (2018~2025), involving a total of 8 lines, with a total construction scale of about 247.5 km. Hefei City, the construction of rail transit line planning involving a total of 8 lines, respectively: Line 2, line 3 East Extension Line South extension line, line 4, line 6 South extension line, line 7, line 8, line 9 and line S1 of a project, the total construction scale about 247.5 kilometers. As a new round of Hefei subway construction "blueprint", each line of these items, yet in the preliminary planning stage, so the latter still exist the possibility of change, the final plan needs to reply to the relevant departments of the State shall prevail. However, although just show the trend line "thickness", and after the arrangement of the concrete road is not clear, still can through the planning of the public for the first time, of the future direction of the layout of the Hefei subway. Line 6 and line extension line hand Feidong line of the existing line 2, a total length of 27.764 km, along the Yangtze River Road West, the Yangtze River Road and the Yangtze River Road laying. According to a new round of preliminary planning, line 2 will be extended for a long period, into the Feidong county. In the planning of line 6 is the overall presentation of the east-west, starting from the western direction, the main city of Hefei in the District, the East extension line and line 2 in Feidong County, "hand", along the 1, 4, and is expected to more than 5 have been built and to be built line intersection. No. 9 line from the station to the Feixi extension of the longest distance is the construction of the south side of line 3 in the north and ending at Xiangcheng Avenue, Fangxing, road. Line length of about 37.3 km. The plan clearly, line 3 will continue southward to a section of Feixi county. Line 9 will connect the Feixi county and the new station area, showing a picture of a winding north-south trend, from the layout of the line and the length is a hinge line. Moreover, in the current planning of the line, line 9 is likely to be extended to the longest line of Feixi. In addition, line 4 line west from the crow Road station, and finally to the East Avenue station, line length of 41.34 km. The plan shows that line 4 will be in the middle of another section of the direction of the southwest extension. The S1 line through the new west station and high speed rail station two hub of this round of planning, a number of lines will lead to Binhu district. For example, line 7, north of Changning Avenue, a direction to the southwest of the Chaohu shore. The characteristics of the line is not too long, half-way transfer site is very much, and line 3, line 4 extension line, line 5, No. 8.相关的主题文章: