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Henan Institute for mobile phone Wi-Fi positioning, squatting long know the Henan Professional Business Institute school in a day to our mobile phone card five times, even pit all know how long". Recently, a number of Henan Professional Business Institute students on the Internet, said the school made use of mobile phone cards for students to locate the whereabouts of the school, feel violated privacy. In September 23rd, the school principal’s office a director surnamed Wang told the surging news (), the number of positioning and students’ individual class, concerned about privacy as long as students in class or after school Wi-Fi function can be shut down. At present, the new technology is still in perfect time. Director Wang said, Wi-Fi attendance is a kind of help to promote their supervision. "We are a vocational college, students (class) enthusiasm is not high, which is equivalent to a supervision." Students worried about privacy violations Wi-Fi 23, Henan Professional Business Institute sophomore Huang Wei (a pseudonym) told surging news, the new semester received a notice to switch to Wi-Fi attendance. "We will monitor this semester to notify the mobile phone cards to implement positioning punch, a day five positioning". This is equivalent to open the phone as long as the Wi-Fi function in the school, the student’s position will be automatically identified records. In the school’s official website, a September 2nd publication called "smart campus open admission notice" mode, introduces the "can be achieved in a class attendance, the whereabouts of automatic positioning" of the new technology. In this paper, 2016, the realization of the institute campus wireless network coverage, with the mobile phone card can achieve a key class attendance, the whereabouts of the automatic positioning, intelligent interaction, self-service book borrowing information of students, greatly improve work efficiency and teaching management. The school to this new model is called a digital storm, that through real-time monitoring of the registration information and big data analysis, will have a great impact on college teaching, management. But after understanding the Wi-Fi punch, a part of the students to be tracking generated concern, sophomore Zhao Qing (a pseudonym) bluntly, "the feeling of personal privacy has been violated". Another sophomore student Lin Fan (a pseudonym) said, after the school was implementing a mobile phone card attendance mode, the school need to bring mobile phone mobile phone card punch line brush. The school rules School: class or school closed for office director Wang president of Henan Professional Business Institute 23 to surging news reports, the students said "a day on the mobile phone positioning card five" is indeed the positioning information through the Wi-Fi signal to automatically receive the school students from the mobile phone information, this is to allow a more rapid and accurate attendance. "We ask students to open the phone before class and after class Wi-Fi, you can automatically identify attendance." As for the problem of privacy exposed by the students, director Wang responded, positioning the number of students with individual hours related. Fear of privacy leaks as long as the students after school or after school shut down the Wi-Fi function, the school machine will not be able to monitor the location of the students. Director Wang introduced in early 2016, the school plans to achieve the school wireless network coverage, then there is the use of Wi-Fi positioning function instead of the original brush.相关的主题文章: