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High school students to escape military online shopping sick leave the store said with official fidelity (Figure) – Beijing, the original title: school military training escape online shopping sick summer will do a lot of school to carry out military training, but individual students moving from the crooked eye, actually want to leave the patient global online shopping. Beijing morning news reporter, said the sale of part of the shop with the seal and leave hospital, said fidelity. The doctor said, no registration filing cannot leave open, through the paper and seal can also see the difference. In this regard, the teacher pointed out that students escape military training is a moral problem, once found to be seriously dealt with. Buy fake military online hide at leisure "immediately to the military training, the students in our class in order to avoid military training, have bought a fake." September begins to go to high school military training kodaka told reporters that the students like reading "gastroenteritis for 5 days, when doing military mobilization plan to submit to the teacher. Xiao Gao said he asked to know, many junior high school students are also prepared to use this to escape military training. "They are bought on the Internet, and some schools allow them to rest at home, and some can be trained in the military side probation, not so hard". Reporters in this case in the Taobao search bar enter the diagnosis of two words, the search results appear with a number of hospitals, diagnostic proof and other words of the merchant advertising. Reporters to the identity of the buyer contact one shop, "you tell me what to provinces, which hospital, which, in the absence of". The owner said, as long as there is such information, the major hospital sick leave can be opened. "As long as you give me all the basic information, I can give you, absolute fidelity. You fill in the condition in the absence of the price of 50 yuan, 90 yuan for the doctor to write." The store said, the school nearly, students to buy more, "mostly to gastrointestinal diseases or leave the Department of orthopedics". Strict hospital management for false false contact reporter was removed to a senior in the online sale of fake sellers, he said, there are a few years ago and sold, but recently many false note, "this year the hospital management is becoming more and more strict, each note all need very difficult cases, true and false, but as long as there is a genuine one as a sample, do false is very simple. The so-called "doctor to write" we actually are from the hands of employees, the buyers request leave of write one day, we went to the hospital to check the official website of the day of the doctor on duty to name, the doctor can be engraved chapter cover". In this regard, the Third Affiliated High School of Beijing Normal University, Liu said the moral education, student military training is a kind of mental and physical training, physical and mental growth of the students are beneficial. According to the requirements of military training, each student should experience the process. If buy false note in order to avoid military training, is a kind of moral quality of cheating, once found, the school will be severely dealt with. In addition, he also hope that students can be honest and trustworthy, adhere to complete military training. Beijing Morning News Hotline reporter Zhang Jingya clues: Mr. Chen相关的主题文章: