How To Place Both High Furniture And Low

Home-Improvement Do you know the principle of placing furniture at home? In short, it would be that their size should be harmonious, their height should be .plementary and their workmanship and design should be suitable for home decoration. As is known to all, furniture are the main parts at home layout and they play the role of beautifying indoor surroundings. With reasonable furniture placing at home, it is not only beautiful, but also too much practical to bring convenience to our life. As usual, people are likely to divide home space into three parts, the first part is quiet area, where is far away from windows and the light at here weak, meanwhile, it is hardly to hear any noise. According to home decoration experts, it is better to place bed and wardrobe at such location. The second part is bright area, it is close to windows and has bright light, at this location, it is re.mended to place writing table and bookshelf. The third part is exercise part, which is the right place for sofa, table and chairs placing. Put furniture at right location and the room space would be used reasonably, as a result, when living in such environment, people would feel more .fortable and have good mood. OK, let me explain the relationship between high furniture and low furniture. Imagine two pictures, the first one is all the furniture being placed at home are with the same height, what do you think? They are so rigorous excessively, but necessary changes are lacked. The second status is that furniture at home have obvious drop height, you would feel it is so disordered. How to place both high furniture and low furniture at right location? For example, not to place some low furniture such as bed or sofa close to high and large scale wardrobe so as to avoid the unbalanced feeling on visual sense. On the other hands, you can place some middle furniture such as chest of drawers, food cabi. and bedside table near low furniture, by this way, people would feel that furniture are extended for low to middle to high, which is so lively and full of rhythm. This is the article about how to place high furniture and low furniture at right location, in addition, youd better consider their colors when buying them. Of course, you can also take advantage of miniature garden, small size decorative items and wall decorations to achieve balanced results. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: