Huairen 110 thousand yuan reward moral model to carry forward the spirit of the noble spirit iptd-651

Huairen 110 thousand yuan reward with the example of the power of moral model to carry forward the lofty spirit of Shanxi daily news (reporter Yuan Zhaohui correspondent Yan Xiaoqian Zhu Wenxia) September 13th, Huairen county held a moral model in recognition of the general assembly, Wei Jinkui and other 11 moral model award, and to give each 10 thousand yuan reward. According to Huairen radio and television news center director Yu Zhongqian introduced, this is by the recognition of the outstanding figures from all walks of life in Huairen County of Ideological and moral construction, after the nomination, the masses voting, jury assessment and other aspects of the final selection of 11 representatives for the seventh Huairen County moral model. Among them, a successful type of leukemia patients and the implementation of the donation allows patients to re ignite the fire of life moral model Wei Jinkui Zhang Yuwei model; helping others college-graduate village official with full enthusiasm to join in the rural work; there is honesty, dedication of the Party branch secretary of the county tourism service center Wang Jianrong; filial piety old love pro, unremitting self-improvement, for the whole family to hold a day he Jia Bao Xiang Songjiazhuang Cun Cun min Xu Xiaoqing; useful their good physical and mental 20 years to take, taking care of his mother and mother-in-law in town welcome community residents west of Liu Zheng street; and all the energy and enthusiasm into the affinity four Xiang Cao Lao Zhuang Cun, Liu Dalan director of the women’s Federation of women’s cause with dedication and enthusiasm; the Statistics Bureau of statistics investment unit Li Yan career; not forget the early heart to join in the news work Radio and television news reporter Yu Hongqing; actively move closer to the party organization, the system of housing construction strict with oneself of Party committee office clerk Cao Ye, based on their own work conscientiously, is director of the leadership and comrades as worthy of the name "old ox" of the County Office of science and Technology Service Center Chang Erhong…… It is reported that, in recent years, Huairen County focus on the cultivation and practice the socialist core values, strengthen ideological and moral construction, the quality of civilization and the improvement of social civilization, the emergence of a large number of filial love the old pro, courageous, dedication, honest and trustworthy, helpful role model. These are good habits that honour and integrity, dedication and harmony has played a positive role in promoting the formation of the county.相关的主题文章: