Hubei provincial government issued a notice do a good job of disaster weather prevention-fkzww

Hubei provincial government issued a notice: good weather disasters prevention work in the office of the Hubei provincial government recently issued a notice requiring all localities and departments to seriously implement the provincial leadership instructions, solid job may appear in the winter weather to work, to minimize the loss and impact. According to the meteorological analysis, expected in Hubei province this year, the average winter temperature close to the year slightly low, the process stage of the snow and was frozen, the coldest period may appear in the mid to late 1 and early February, the extreme minimum temperature of -9 DEG C, North -10 South -6 DEG to -7 DEG C. Affected by the super El Nino event this year, Hubei suffered from continuous low temperature rain and continuous heavy rainfall, and most of the local agriculture, transportation, electricity, housing, water supply and other losses in Hubei province are serious, and it is still in the stage of comprehensive disaster relief. Notification requirements, the meteorological departments should do a good job monitoring, forecasting, early warning weather process, improve the accuracy of prediction; agricultural departments should strengthen guidance services, to ensure the steady development of agricultural production in winter; forestry departments should do a good job of seedling freeze proof, disaster recovery and other technical guidance, guidance and urge all to carry out self-help, replanting etc.. For this year’s housing collapse, severely damaged without shelter and located in hazardous area personnel, civil affairs departments should be included in the scope of relief in life, to provide temporary shelter, food safety and other supplies, to ensure safety, warm winter. The notice pointed out that we should conscientiously learn from the experience and lessons of the 2008 Snow Disaster Prevention, and the public security and transportation departments should further improve the contingency plans. Especially for the Spring Festival timely deployment of capacity to shovel snow and ice, road wrecker, protection of passenger safety, prevent passengers stranded. Education, electricity, environmental protection, fire protection departments should carry out security risk investigation, improve the ability to deal with emergencies quickly. Water supply, gas supply, heating, communication and other units should do a good job of infrastructure inspection and investigation, once the failure occurs, we must seize the organization to repair. The market supply and monitoring of grain, oil, meat, vegetables and other materials should be strengthened in various localities. The notice also requires all localities and departments should strictly implement the 24 hours on duty with the class system, leading cadres personally with the class, on duty on the job. In case of emergencies and emergencies, timely disposal, to minimize casualties and property losses, to ensure safety and stability. (reporter Wang Wei)

湖北省政府发出通知:做好灾害性天气防范工作   湖北省政府办公厅日前发出通知,要求各地各有关部门认真贯彻落实省领导批示精神,扎实做好今冬可能出现的灾害性天气应对工作,最大程度减少影响和损失。   据气象分析,预计湖北省今年冬季平均气温接近常年略偏低,有明显的阶段性低温雨雪冰冻过程,最冷时段可能出现在1月中下旬和2月上旬,极端最低气温北部-9℃至-10℃、南部-6℃至-7℃。今年受超强厄尔尼诺事件影响,湖北省遭受持续低温阴雨和连续强降水,湖北省大部分地方农业、交通、电力、房屋、供水等方面损失严重,目前还处在全面救灾阶段。   通知要求,气象部门要做好天气过程的监测、预报、预警工作,提高预测准确率;农业部门要加强指导服务,确保冬季农业生产稳定发展;林业部门要做好林木种苗防冻害、灾后恢复等技术指导,指导督促各地开展自救、补植等工作。对今年因灾住房倒塌、严重损坏无房可住和地处危险区域的人员,民政部门要纳入到冬春生活救助范围,及时提供临时安全住所、食品等生活物资,确保温暖、安全过冬。   通知指出,要认真汲取2008年抗击冰冻雪灾经验教训,公安、交通部门要进一步完善各项应急预案。特别要针对春运及时调配运力,做好道路铲冰除雪等清障工作,保护旅客安全,防止旅客滞留。教育、电力、环保、消防等部门要开展安全隐患排查,提高突发事件的快速处置能力。供水、供气、供暖、通信等单位要做好基础设施的巡检排查,一旦发生故障,要抓紧组织抢修。各地要加强粮、油、肉、蔬菜等物资的市场供应和监测。   通知还要求,各地、各有关部门要严格落实24小时值班带班制度,领导干部亲自带班,值班人员坚守岗位。遇到紧急情况和突发事件,及时处置,最大限度减少人员伤亡和财产损失,确保安全稳定。   (记者 王伟)相关的主题文章: